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The Naked Prey (1965)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Naked Prey The Naked Prey The Naked Prey
The Naked Prey is a really excellent jungle adventure movie set in the mid 19th century. A white elephant hunter known only as "Man" (Cornel Wilde) is being hunted by African tribesmen, who let him go so they can chase him for sport. Before they let him go, they torture and kill the other members of his safari in some very sadistic ways, including using a cobra.

The leader of the safari refused to pay money to the tribesmen for permission to hunt on their land, so they kill everybody in the safari. The leader is tied up on his belly facing a burning ring of logs with a cobra inside. The only way out for the cobra is through the man's face, which the snake wastes no time in biting. We don't see the aftermath of a cobra bite to the face, but do we really need to?
Naked Prey Naked Prey Naked Prey
Naked Prey Naked Prey Naked Prey
As "Man" moves from place to place, he sees lots of snakes, climbing next to him as he sleeps, eating birds, and crawling around at his feet as he walks deliriously through rocky terrain. Usually we see him look in one direction, then they cut to some footage of snakes that are nowhere near where the actor is and have nothing to do with the plot. The movie was shot in South Africa and it looks like they used footage of native South African snakes.
The Naked Prey The Naked Prey The Naked Prey
"Man" is starving after running for so long without food, so he sits down to rest next to an animal skull. He sees a snake crawl out of one of the skull's eye sockets. He cuts off the snake's head then slits open its belly and tears it apart with his bear hands and eats it raw. Standing up. In the hot sun. Bush style.

We see a live snake and then we see him eating something, but it doesn't look like he really kills the snake in the scene. What he's eating in the scene could be fish or other typical meat, or maybe it's really a cooked snake. It could be anything thanks to the magic of the movies.
The Naked Prey The Naked Prey The Naked Prey
At one point in the movie, we get a random scene of a python fighting a monitor lizard. Just because. Unfortunately we never find out the outcome. My oney was on the python.