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Medicine Man (1992)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Medicine Man Medicine Man Medicine Man
Medicine Man Medicine Man Medicine Man
Medicine Man Medicine Man Medicine Man
This is an adventure drama about a scientist (Sean Connery) working for a large drug company who has discovered a cure for cancer made from plants in the Amazon jungle. He sends for an assistant and gets Lorraine Bracco, who is actually his new boss. There is some nice scenery (tropical Mexico) and some attractive actors and costumes for the Amazon tribe Connery lives with, but there is no chemistry between Connery and Bracco. Bracco is directed to be so obnoxious that she's not a sympathetic character. The best thing about this movie is probablythe musical score by Jerry Goldsmith.

One night in her hut Bracco sees a snake hanging from one of the wooden beams above her and she screams in terror. Connery tells her it's Henry, who keeps the place free of rats, and takes the snake down and puts it at the other end of the hut. That's it for the snake scene. I think it was supposed to show her vulnerability and his expertise, but that was already shown before so it was just an example of using a snake to shock us just because the movie is set in a jungle and everybody knows the jungle is full of them, but that's not always true. When I was in the Amazon jungle, hunting for snakes with a bunch of snake-hunters, snakes were few and far between.

The snake is some type of boa, but we never get a very good look at it.