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Mean Girls (2004)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Mean Girls Mean Girls
Mean Girls Mean Girls
This is a classic teenage coming-of-age comedy written by Tina Fey that Honest Trailers calls: "...a ruthless tale of pointless cruelty, full of miserable teenagers trapped in a Hell of their own creation. Basically the most honest high school movie ever made." It's a "...hilarious satire that can either be viewed as a plea for teen girls to be more kind to each other, or an instruction manual for future sociopaths." (Given all the abuse we've seen on social media that has evolved in the years after this movie was made, it looks a lot like the second option.)

Lindsay Lohan is 16-year-old Cady, an innocent new girl at a high school near Chicago where the tables in the school cafeteria are occupied by various cliques - Band Geeks, Jocks, Plastics, Cool Asians, Asian Nerds, Cheerleaders, Preps, Wannabes, Burnouts, Fat Girls, Thin Girls, etc. Cady falls in with a group of outcasts who convince her to infiltrate the Plastics, a group of good-looking rich snobs (the "mean girls") to spy on them. Before you know it, she's singing and dancing in a sexy Santa suit in a school talent show with the rest of the mean girls.

The Snake Scene

I hate to disappoint you, but this is not the sort of monster snake movie in which high school kids are impaled, crushed and swallowed by enormous mutant snakes with huge fangs and spears on their tails. (I'd pay to see that.) There are only a couple of quick looks at a snake at the beginning of the movie when Cady describes her life in Africa. (She says Africa as if it's a country and not a massive continent containing more than 50 countries. I guess the writers thought nobody watching this movie would know where any of the contries in Africa are.) Cady's father and mother are "research zoologists" so in a couple of pictures we see her father holding a large python around his neck as they stand with an African man holding a spear in front of a herd of zebras. The zebras and other animals we see in the background are probably added in the background, but the python is real.

Cady's experience with observing the behavior of African wildlife at water holes comes in handy later as she observes teenagers sitting around a fountain at a shopping mall.