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The Loss of Sexual Innocence (1999)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Loss of Sexual Innocence The Loss of Sexual Innocence The Loss of Sexual Innocence Poster
The Loss of Sexual Innocence The Loss of Sexual Innocence
The Loss of Sexual Innocence The Loss of Sexual Innocence
Loosely, this is an experimental, non-linear film about a film director. The film bounces back and forth to different times of his life, intercutting other scenes of dreams and separated twins and a movie shoot in Tunisia and an extended sequence about Adam and Eve that is broken up into many parts. From the title of the film it wasn't hard to guess that there would be a Garden of Eden reference. We see a large pond in a rural setting with two characters, according to the end credits, named Adam and Eve. We first see Adam emerge naked from the water and walk to the shore, then later on we see Eve do the same. Then we see them in the pool catching a fish and exploring each other as if they were just born. We also see a brief shot of a python on a branch. (You can't have the garden without a snake.) The next time we see Eve she discovers a large python on a branch of a fruit tree. She is curious and touches it. Then she starts eating the fruit - figs maybe. Later we see both Adam and Eve eating the fruit. Then they both start to get sick. And still later, we see them lying down sick in a bedroom with the python on the floor. When they wake up, they lose their innocence. Then finally at the very end of the movie, we see men with dogs chasing them and throwing them out of a large iron gate and locking the gate, just as their biblical namesakes were thrown out of the garden. But this couple goes directly into the chaos of dozens of relentless papparazi attacking them as they quickly put on clothing and eventually manage to run away. The snake we see is a Burmese Python.