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Lewis & Clark & George (1997)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Lewis & Clark & George Lewis & Clark & George Lewis & Clark & George
Lewis & Clark & George Lewis & Clark & George
Lewis & Clark & George Lewis & Clark & George

In this comedy crime thriller without much comedy or thrills, Rose McGowan is George, who silent throughout almost the entire movie. She breaks into a zoo and steals a rare snake from China that is so deadly you die within 2 minutes after the venom gets into your bloodstream. She is supposed to sell it to a man, but runs off with it instead, so he chases after her. She carries the snake around in a gym bag with holes poked in it and feeds it dead bugs she scrapes off a bug zapper. She runs into two ex-convicts who are trying to get to Mexico to claim a gold mine, and teams up with them, and along the way we witness all sorts of car thefts, senseless killings, and a backseat lip-sync performance of "Where the Boys Are."

The rare and deadly snake we see in the film is mostly just a gopher snake painted green. It looks like a Sonoran Gopher Snake. In one scene, when it bites someone, they use a rattlesnake painted green (that looks like its mouth is sewn shut) probably because it looks more like what the audience expects a poisonous snake to look like.