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Last Assassins (Dusting Cliff 7) (1997)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Last Assassins Last Assassins Last Assassins
Last Assassins Last Assassins Last Assassins
This is a mediocre action thriller, but it's well-made and not boring with decent acting, and it has a snake in it. But I can't recommend it for the snake scene because it's brief and disappointing. With an-ex C.I.A. agent turned lethal assassin (Nancy Allen) who was trained in gorilla warfare and describes herself as "deadly and expendable" I thought we'd get more than just a quick shot of a snake. Normally when a snake shows up briefly, it's just to set us up for a more dramatic appearance later in the movie, but that doesn't happen.

The woman assassin realizes that her boss (Lance Henriksen - always a good bad guy) is evil and double-crosses him. He kidnaps her daughter so she sets up a rendezvous with him at the restricted military facility in the desert called Cliff 7 where information that she has could tell him where dig up some nuclear weapons. He wants to nuke a U.S. city to force the government to use its nuclear arsenal, because he's a military psychopath who thinks weapons are wasted unless they are used. She gets there a day early and encounters the snake when she is poking around. She sees the snake through a gap in a wooden wall then steps backwards from it and accidentally trips and falls into the arms of the guy who is supposed to be her love interest in the movie. It wasn't even the snake that scared her. I think the only reason they used a snake was to get them together and give him a chance to look strong - although she wants none of that. Yet.

The snake they used is also disappointing. They couldn't rent a rattlesnake, or at least a gopher snake that would be more place-appropriate? Granted, they never said the military site was in California, even though it was obviously filmed at the Vasquez Rocks, but they used some kind of rat snake that is not even a desert snake and is found nowhere near where the film was made.