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The Lady From Shanghai (1947)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai
Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai
Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai
Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai Lady From Shanghai
This is one of my favorite Film Noirs. It has some some great scenes in San Francisco Chinatown, and a fantastic finale in a closed amusement park and "crazy house" hall of mirrors. I was surprised watching it again after many years to see that there is a scene with a snake in the film. The snake is pulled from stock footage (I don't know what species it is) and has almost no significance to the plot, but it's a snake in an Orson Welles movie, so it's gotta be on my list.

Orson Welles with an Irish Accent is hired to crew on a big yacht owned by Arthur, the husband of Elsa (Rita Hayworth with short blonde hair). After sailing from the Caribbean to the west coast of Mexico, they all disembark and take small boats up a river through a jungle to have a very elaborate picnic. As they are rowing, we listen to a conversation between Arthur and a detective he has hired to spy on his wife. We learn, for the first time, that Arthur knows someone is plotting to kill him. To add to the tension, and as a brilliant form of foreshadowing, we then see some birds and a snake swimming to shore and Elsa turns her head to look at them. Then we see Orson turn his head at some screeching parrots. Then we see a crocodile swimming towards a boat with its mouth open. George sees the crocodile and looks very nervous then starts rowing faster. All this gives us a subtle hint that Elsa and George are plotting to kill Arthur, and Orson will be caught up in the middle of the plot, although we don't learn all the details until the end of the movie.