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Komodo vs. Cobra (2005)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra
Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra
Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra
Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra Komodo vs. Cobra
This is a predictable low-budget made-for-TV monster movie. But sometimes, that's what you need...

The U.S. government is running a secret testing facility on an isolated island in the South Pacific. The idealistic scientists working there wanted to increase the world's food supply by making gigantic corn but their Deep State overlords forced them to expand their research to include a Komodo Dragon and a King Cobra. As they always do in these monster movies, the scientists create gigantic monsters, the gigantic monsters kill the scientists, and the uniforms with bombs kill the monsters, except for the hint of a possible sequel at the end just in case the movie makes a profit.

A TV news reporter, a Hollywood starlet, a hired boat captain, and several environmentalists with a group called "One Planet," whose goal is to protect the planet from ruthless capitalists, all take a boat out to the secret South Pacific testing island so they can expose the truth about the abusive animal testing that they think must be happening on the island. (And is.) They find that only the lead scientist's daughter has survived the monster reptiles. We watch them hike across the island, but they end up at the cottage in the middle of the L.A. Arboretum. (The Arboretum visitor center stands in for the military HQ. In one shot the filmmakers are so lazy they forgot to remove the Arboretum sign. At least they shot the movie in L.A. and not Atlanta or Albuquerque or Vancouver or wherever they get a better tax break these days.)

The big fight promised by the movie's title takes place during the last few minutes of the movie, just before the military bombs the monsters and the island back to the stone age, but the fight is never finished. We never even get to see which monster reptile wins the fight.

As you would expect, the Komodo and the Cobra are CGI, but at one point, a TV news reporter films herself telling her audience that the monsters they see on her tape were not created by Hollywood effects wizards. That's an understatement. At least they look something like what they're supposed to be. Cobras don't have two giant fangs, but in movies they always do. The lie that all venomous snakes have giant fangs has been spread in so many other movies that the audience would feel cheated if they didn't see the fangs.