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King Kong (1976)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976
King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976

This is a big production re-make of the 1933 big gorilla classic that also has a scene with a snake. This movie won an Oscar for visual effects and nominations for Cinematography and Sound, but it doesn't compare well to the original. Jessica Lange plays Dwan the blonde love interest and wanna-be actress. (Kong has a thing for blondes - before Dwan his sacrificial offering wore a blonde wig.) When Dwan's boyfriend showed a porn film on his yacht, she went out on deck, then the yacht exploded and only she survived. She calls herself an all-American girl saved from an exploding yacht by Deep Throat. She is rescued by a ship of oil prospectors who want to drill on Kong's island that was formerly hidden from the world by a perpetual fog bank. The inhabitants of the island kidnap Dwan, dress her up, and tie her to poles as an offering to Kong. Kong is impressed and takes her back to his lair, holding her under a waterfall so she can clean up, then blowing on her to dry her off.

King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976
King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976
King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976 King Kong 1976

The Snake Scene

The next day, after Kong figures out how to remove Dwan's clothing, he puts her on the ground and suddenly we see a large snake crawling towards her. Kong gets angry and roars then starts fighting the snake. The snake wraps itself around Kong's legs and body. With Kong distracted Dwan runs away. Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges) just happens to be watching the scene and she runs up to him. The two of them became attracted to each other during the voyage. When it looks like Kong might be losing the snake fight, he sees them together and roars, then grabs the snakes jaws and pulls its head apart, throwing the carcass to the ground then he chases after Dwan.

That's it for the snake scene. The rest of the movie goes as expected, though they replace the Empire State Building with the World Trade Center towers. While it's a step up from the animated "snake" fight in the 1933 movie, this snake fight is still very dark and too heavily edited. That's understandable since the snake is a very bad fake contraption that is little more than a puppet. Worse, it's accompanied by lots of loud hissing and rattling sounds, one of the worst snake cliches in movies. They certainly didn't win that visual effects Oscar for the snake or the nomination for sound either.