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Jennifer (2003)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer
Jennifer Jennifer
Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer
"She's got the power... and you haven't got a prayer!"
"A Holy Terror!"

This is a blatant "Carrie" rip-off, as even the advertising tells us. Instead of blood and fire, Jennifer uses snakes. She's a nice, pretty, well-adjusted high school girl who works in her father's pet store. But when she was young she was a Christian snake handler who had the power to control snakes. (We see her handling gopher snakes in a big box.) She got a scholarship to attend a private girl's school, but the other girls don't like her because they're rich snobs and she's working class. They keep scaring her and torturing her, trying to force her to leave the school. Her father wants her to go back to snake-handling - "The bible says to take up the serpent" - but she refuses. Finally, she can't take any more abuse from the mean girls at school, and uses her telekinetic powers to make snakes come out of nowhere and kill her enemies.

We see a few real snakes in the pet store and elsewhere, rock pythons, gopher snakes, kingsnakes, and others, along with some of the worst giant hand-puppet special-effects monster snakes you've ever seen, all shot with lighting so terrible you can barely see them.