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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
This is the second movie in the Indiana Jones franchise, starring the world's worst tomb-raiding archeologist, that follows "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc" (1981) which was a major snake movie. This one only has a couple of snake cameos.

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) teams up with the most annoying woman ever put on screen, a nightclub singer named Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) who likes to scream a lot. One night they are camping against her will in the jungle. She starts screaming when she grabs a fruit bat hanging on a line she mistakes for her laundry. She screams again when she finds a monitor lizard sitting on a branch. Indiana Jones tells her to sleep closer to him for safety. Willie thinks he's trying to get fresh with her and tells him she'd be safer sleeping with a snake. Then a snake drops from a tree onto her shoulder. She thinks the snake is the trunk of the elephant that was grabbing her earlier so she tells it to "cut it out" and grabs the snake then throws it to the ground, thinking that she's throwing the elephant trunk off her shoulder. When Indiana sees the snake, he's freaked out, of course, because he famously hates snakes so much even statues of snakes scare him. He should be more scared of Willie.

The tree-hanging snake is a Burmese Python.
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
In another snake scene (sort of) Indiana Jones and his annoying side-kicks Willie Scott and Short Round (Ke Huy Quan) are in a Maharaja's palace sitting at a large dinner table when a servant brings in a large silver tray with a cooked python wrapped around a centerpiece. One of the Indian men is excited that they have been served "snake surprise." When the snake is cut open it is full of live eels crawling around. Willie and Short Round are too disgusted to eat anything, but we see an Indian man swallowing some of the eels whole. Later we see people eating large black bugs and other unusual food including eyeball soup and chilled monkey brains served inside a monkey skull. It's all done for comedy, but really it's just a way of making fun of another culture by making their food look disgusting which is a cheap shot. It's part of the racist depiction of Indian religion and culture we see throughout the movie.

They used a fake python made from resin and fiberglass that was filled with live eels, but I think the audience is supposed to believe that the cooked adult snake is stuffed with live baby snakes and that's what the diners are eating.

YouTube Clip - Dinner of Doom