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Firewalker (1986)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Firewalker Firewalker Firewalker
Firewalker Firewalker Firewalker
Firewalker Firewalker Firewalker
Nobody watches a Chuck Norris movie for its well-scripted plot, its stellar acting, or its imaginative soundtrack, which is good because you won't find any of that here. You watch it for one reason - to see Chuck Norris kick ass. But this movie could have used a lot more of that. I watched it because I read there were snakes in it and I expected to see Norris roundhouse kick his way through mountains of venomous snakes - you know: "Chuck Norris was once bitten by a poisonous snake and after three days of excrutiating pain, the snake died;" "Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird," that sort of thing. But that didn't happen - he never even looked at a snake.

Chuck Norris and Louis Gossett Jr. are a couple of adventurous globe-hopping opportunists who return from the African desert to Arizona where they get involved with a pretty young "fruitcake" with a treasure map that leads them to ancient Aztec-Maya-Apache-Conquistador caves, to a Central American temple, along with assorted obstacles, including all the bar fights, idiotic chases and unfunny comic action that you expect in a Chuck Norris movie.

The snakes show up early on in Arizona. The three treasure-hunters get some information from an Indian named Tall Eagle about ancient treasure and a bad guy named El Coyote. Later that night we see El Coyote, a Native American guy with an eyepatch, holding a boa constrictor with both hands over a fire as he chants and dances around on his knees, and for some reason, Tall Eagle is also chanting and sweating. Then we see a young Native American woman seduce Norris and drug him with a potion, then try to stab him until the blonde and LG Jr. stop her. The next day we see a boa constrictor on the roof beams of their quarters and another one in a tree. (Boa constrictors are not native to Arizona, but the movie was shot in Mexico where they are, so that's probably why they were used.) It made sense that El Coyote thought magic was necessary to subdue Chuck Norris, because no human can do that alone, but even powerful snake magic couldn't bring Chuck down. After all, he did once make a Happy Meal cry.