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Cobra Woman (1944)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Cobra Woman Cobra Woman Cobra Woman
Cobra Woman Cobra Woman
Cobra Woman Cobra Woman Cobra Woman
"More must die!"  "I have SPOKEN! "

This movie is called a Camp Classic for good reason. Maria Montez is kidnapped on her wedding day and taken to Cobra Island. Her groom plans to rescue her but he is told not to go there because "No drug soaked brain could dream up the horrors of Cobra Island." So of course he goes, who wouldn't. There he finds that his bride to be's identical twin sister Naja is the island's despotic High Priestess who is overtaxing the people and throwing them into a volcano. She shouts "King Cobra!" and everyone in the audience waves their arms like cobras while they carry the snake in. Naja dances seductively in a sparkly dress and the excited cobra raises itself up. Then she goes crazy, shaking and flailing her arms and shooting jazz hands at people in the audience who are then dragged away to be used as human sacrifices. It's one of the best movie snake dances ever - right up there with Debra Paget and Salma Hayek and it's all in glorious Technicolor. But snakes are scarce. There is one shot of a real cobra that they keep repeating, but King Cobra is a bad puppet snake. There are, however, lots of nice cobra decorations, cobra jewelry, cobra statues and cobra swords, to make up for the lack of real ones.

I can't find the dance on YouTube, but it must be there somewhere. You can watch the Trailer.