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Chopping Mall (1986)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
"Tonight Park Plaza Mall switches on the world's toughest security force. Absolutely nothing can go wrong..."

"Chopping Mall - Where they slash their prices - and their customers!"

"Shop til you drop, dead!"

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
This is a sci-fi horror movie with a brief snake scene. It's about eight young mall employees who stay in the mall after it closes to drink alcohol, party, and have sex on beds in the furniture store. They don't realize that three killer security robots armed with sleep darts, tasers, laser guns, and grabbing arms will stop them from leaving and hunt them down and kill them. It takes place in a big crowded multi-level shopping mall where women in bikinis ride the escalators wearing sashes advertising the mall. It almost makes you want to go back to the '80s, big hair and all.

The robots have never been used. They were just purchased, with the robot salesman assuring everyone that absolutely nothing can go wrong - so you know everything will go wrong, and it does. After lightning strikes the security control center, the robots start killing everybody, afterwards telling each victim "Thank you, have a nice day."

One of the mall workers, Alison (Kelli Maroney), is running away from a robot after seeing several of the other kids killed by them. They sliced one guy's throat, blew a girl's head off, burned another person to death, threw someone off a balcony, electrocuted the janitor, shot someone with a laser canon, and crushed another person's skull.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Alison breaks the glass window of a pet store to hide inside. She lies on the floor under a display of dog food while the robot searches for her. The robot knocks over terrariums filled with tarantulas and snakes. The spiders and snakes crawl all over Alison as she tries to remain quiet so the robot won't find her. That's all for the snakes, which are Corn Snakes, common in pet stores.

You can watch the whole movie and read a synopsis over at The Silver Scream.