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Central Intelligence (2016)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Central Intelligence Central Intelligence Central Intelligence
Central Intelligence Central Intelligence Central Intelligence
Central Intelligence Central Intelligence Central Intelligence
Dwayne Johnson is a rogue CIA agent who has forced Kevin Hart to help him. They go to Baltimore and they need to get to Boston to meet with some international terrorists so they go to a private airport to steal a plane to fly to Boston. While Johnson gets the plane in the hangar and drags it out to the runway, Hart goes into the office to distract the Airport Security Guard named Jared. Hart grabs a small cooler and tells Jared that he needs a plane immediately because he has an organ that needs to get transported ASAP. Jared makes fun of the little Playmate lunch cooler so Hart tells him there is a penis inside the cooler which was cut off by an angry wife who got in the car and drove away with it onto the highway and threw it out the window causing the second largest penis hunt in state history. (Making us wonder what the first largest was.) Jared says he doesn't believe it and tells him to show him the penis. Hart opens the cooler and we see a small Boa Constrictor inside it on a brown paper lunch bag. Hart backs away terrified and cursing and Jared screams. But Jared quickly says he's just kidding: "It's my buddy. His name's Snake Gyllenhall. He guards my lunch." Hart runs away out of the building in disgust. Maybe he's terrified of snakes. Maybe he's just disgusted at the bad pun snake name.