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Bride of the Gorilla (1951)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla Poster
Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla
Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla
Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla
Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla Bride of the Gorilla
This is a really cheezy horror flick that I read was shot in about a week. It looks like it. It's probably best remembered now because it stars the tragic blonde sexpot Barbara Payton, whose wild Hollywood lifestyle destroyed her career to the point that she had to make movies like this and ultimately led her to die young, a destitute battered alcoholic prostitute. (Her autobiography was titled “I Am Not Ashamed” From $10,000 A Week To $5 A Night - The Shocking True Story Of A Girl Stripped Naked By Stardom.) That's a real horror story which, sad as it is, would make a much better movie than this one.

The basic premise is that Raymond Burr kills a man and marries his gorgeous wife (Barbara Payton) and then an old Indian woman puts a curse on Burr to make him change into a gorilla at night and wander around the jungle. During the opening montage of jungle animals (supposedly in the Amazon somewhere) we see a large python draped over a branch. Later, in the jungle, when Raymond Burr is fighting with the man over his wife, Burr looks down and sees a boa constrictor on the ground. He knocks the man down next to the snake and the man dies from snakebite. Instead of being frightening, it's hilarious to see the boa moving so slowly that the man has all the time in the world to get away from it, but somehow he can't. And it's even more funny when you know that a boa constrictor is not venomous and even if it was, nobody would drop dead immediately as this man did. (The doctor who examined him concluded that he died due to suffocation caused by snake venom.) Later, when Burr is changing into the jungle demon (it's never called a gorilla in the movie, only a demon) we see another snake at night in the jungle.

The snakes we see are pythons which are not native to the Amazon, and a boa constrictor, which is found there.