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Blood Feast (1963)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Blood Feast Blood Feast Blood Feast
Blood Feast Blood Feast Blood Feast

This movie was made by the "Godfather of Gore" Herschell Gordon Lewis, a man so demented that disgusting people with his gorey movies didn't satisfy his blood lust so he went into the even more horrible Junk Mail business. Blood Feast is really awful, but many horror fans love it because it was a pioneer of the bloody splatter and slasher films to come, and it does have a certain hypnotic power combined of bright colors, including lots of red blood, and acting so slowly-paced and so bad it almost seems like genius.

A caterer, Fuad Ramses, kills women and harvests parts of their bodies to prepare a blood feast that will resurrect the Egyptian Goddess Ishtar, the mother of the veiled darkness, the evil love goddess, and a department store mannequin painted gold. Meanwhile, a couple of cops try to find the serial murderer. After Fuad kills a woman on the beach and hacks out her brains we see a live Boa Constrictor on the sand. Somebody then drags the snake backwards to make it look like it's moving. Then we see a scholar giving a lecture on Egyptian culture describing the blood feast for Ishtar, how lust reigns over the land and young women are slaughtered and cooked up for dinner and Ishtar comes to life at the end. As he speaks we see an illustration of one of the women having her heart ripped out: First the heart-ripping guy holds a Boa Constrictor over the woman then moves it close to her face. Then he comes back with with his knife and starts ripping out her heart. Later we see the snake crawling under a copy of Fuad's book titled "Ancient Weird Religious Rites." What role the snake plays in all of this is not clear. This might be the only thing about the movie that's has even a fragment of mystery to it. I suppose the snake was just thrown in to add something weird and creepy in case looking at women with severed limbs and dripping blood wasn't shocking enough to the audience. Maybe Boa Constrictors were shocking and frightening in 1963 when they were not the common pet snakes they became later.