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Herps in Movies

This site is mostly about snakes in movies, but there are other reptiles and amphibians in movies that are sometimes used in an interesting way or as part of the plot, so I include them on separate lists as I discover them. None of these lists are intended to be complete, which would be impossible, they're just movies I have discovered and thought were interesting enough to describe here. There must be hundreds more, if not thousands, that are not included here, but I do add new movies all the time.

There are six main lists based on the family of reptile or amphibian - snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodilians, frogs, and salamanders. The lizards list is broken down into a few separate lists of different kinds of lizards, and the snake list is broken down into many smaller lists, depending on the role snakes play in a movie, where they appear, or what kind of snakes they are. There are also several lists of movies separated into particular categories and regions.

There is a short list of similar movie lists and websites below.

Listed by Kind of Herp
Alligators and Crocodiles Frogs Salamanders

Listed by Movie Category or Region
Herps in
James Bond Movies
Herps in
Steven Spielberg Movies
Herps in
Herps in
Jungles and Swamps
Herps in Silent Movies Snakes in
Asian Movies
Herps in
Australian Movies

Snakes In Movies List


Snake Movie Categories

Kill Bill Snakes on a Train Screenshot
Snakes Used as Weapons Snakes Run Amok Snakes Used to Shock Us
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Meltdown Eaten Alive
Shooting Snakes Throwing and Whipping Snakes Snake Fights
Anacondas HBO Sorcerer and White Snake Naked Obsession
Giant Monster Snakes Snake People Snake Sexploitation
Screenshot Lonesome Dove Snake Island
Dancing With Snakes Snake Bites Snake Face
Firewalker Tommy Screenshot Python
Snakes In Trees Snakes & Skulls Pet Snakes
Guide gunga din Capricorn One
Snake Charmers Snake Pits Snakes Used for Food or Medicine
Giant Eve's Bayou Kung Fu Hustle
All Movie Snakes Must Die! Snakes Used Realistically Snakes Used For Comedy
Stanley Kiss My Snake Fair Game
Rattlesnakes Cobras Black Mambas
Python Desert Gold Lure of the Wilderness
Boas, Pythons, and Anacondas Snakes In Westerns Snakes in Jungles and Swamps
  Snakes in Asian Movies  

Lizards in Movies List

Outlaw Josey Wales Treasure of the Sierra Madre Licence to Kill
Horned Lizards Gila Monsters Iguanas

Shadow of the Thin Man Thunderball Screen Shot Laggies Screen Shot

Snakes in Movies Hatari Joe irt

E.T. Amphibian April Fools
Mandy Screenshot Pretty Poison Screenshot Leolo

Moonraker Live and Let Die Licence to Kill

The Born Fighter Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

Lonesome Dove Outlaw Josey Wales Maverick

Screenshot Tarzan and His Mate Amphibian
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