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Horned Lizards In Movies

This is an alphabetical list of movies with Horned Lizards in them taken the main Lizards in Movies List.

You can see more pictures and read a description of the Horned Lizard scenes by following the movie title link.

Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching a film.

The Holy Mountain (1973) 

Horned lizards dressed as Aztecs fight Cane Toad conquistadores in a very bloody street theater replication of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
The Holy Mountain
The Left Handed Gun (1958) 

Billy the Kid is recuperating in bed when his friends prank him with a horned lizard in a box.
Left-handed Gun
Old Yeller (1957)

A young boy carries a horned lizard in his pocket, and enjoys catching other lizards, snakes and frogs.
A kind-hearted cowboy offers to swap his dog to a young boy in return for the boy's pet horny toad and a home-cooked meal.

Old Yeller
The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) 

An old Indian man gives Josey Wales a horned lizard that told him they should go to Mexico.
Outlaw Josey Wales
Rango (2011) 

Rango is a Chameleon, Bad Bill is a Gila Monster, Waffles is a horned lizard, and Beans is a Desert Iguana.
Red River (1948) 

A cowboy riding a horse leans over and grabs a Texas Horned Lizard off the ground without stopping.
Red River
Roma (2018)

A boy walking in the Mexican countryside catches a horned lizard.

Vanishing Point (1997)

A native American medicine man uses a horned lizard to find out which direction a man should continue driving.
Vanishing Point 1997