This is a List of all of the Different Types of Frogs and Toads
Shown on this Web Site from California and Elsewhere

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Scientific Name Common Name Original Description Alternate Name Sounds
Order Anura Frogs Duméril, 1806 (as Anoures)    
Acris   Cricket Frogs Duméril and Bibron, 1841    
Acris blanchardi Blanchard's Cricket Frog Harper, 1947 Formerly A. crepitans Sounds
Acris crepitans Eastern Cricket Frog Baird, 1854   Sounds Only
Acris gryllus Southern Cricket Frog (LeConte, 1825)   Sounds
Adelotus Tusked Frogs Ogilby, 1907    
Adelotus brevis Tusked Frog (Gunther, 1863)    
Anaxyrus North American Toads Tschudi, 1845 Bufo  
Anaxyrus americanus American Toad (Holbrook, 1836)    
  Anaxyrus americanus americanus Eastern American Toad (Holbrook, 1836) Bufo americanus americanus Sounds
Anaxyrus boreas Western Toad (Baird and Girard, 1852)    
   Anaxyrus boreas boreas (CA) + (NW) + (Nevada) Boreal Toad (Baird and Girard, 1852) Bufo boreas boreas
In Nevada:
Hot Creek Toad -  Bufo (Anaxyrus) monfontanus
Railroad Valley Toad -
Bufo (Anaxyrus) nevadensis
  Anaxyrus boreas halophilus (CA) + (BC) California Toad (Baird and Girard, 1853 Bufo boreas halophilus - California Toad Sounds
Anaxyrus californicus (CA) + (BC) Arroyo Toad (Camp, 1915) Bufo californicus Sounds
Anaxyrus canorus Yosemite Toad (Camp, 1916) Bufo canorus Sounds
Anaxyrus cognatus (CA) + (SW) Great Plains Toad (Say, 1823) Bufo cognatus Sounds
Anaxyrus debilis Green Toad (Girard, 1854)    
  Anaxyrus debilis insidior Western Chihuahuan Green Toad (Girard, 1854)

Bufo debilis insidior
Western Green Toad

Anaxyrus exsul Black Toad (Myers, 1942) Bufo exsul Sounds
Anaxyrus fowleri Fowler's Toad Hinckley (1882)    
Anaxyrus hemiophrys Canadian Toad (Cope, 1886) Bufo hemiophrys Sounds
Anaxyrus houstonensis Houston Toad (Sanders, 1953) Bufo houstonensis Sounds
Anaxyrus microscaphus (CA) + (SW) Arizona Toad (Cope, 1866) Bufo microscaphus Sounds
Anaxyrus nelsoni Amargosa Toad (Stejneger, 1893) Bufo nelsoni Sounds
Anaxyrus punctatus (CA) +  (SW) + (BC) + (TX) Red-spotted Toad (Baird and Girard, 1852) Bufo punctatus Sounds
Anaxyrus quercicus Oak Toad Holbrook (1840) Bufo quercicus  
Anaxyrus retiformis Sonoran Green Toad (Sanders and Smith, 1951) Bufo retiformis Sounds
Anaxyrus speciosus Texas Toad (Girard, 1854) Bufo speciosus Sounds
Anaxyrus terrestris Southern Toad (Bonnaterre, 1789) Bufo terrestris  
Anaxyrus williamsi Dixie Valley Toad Gordon, Simandle & Tracy, 2017 Bufo williamsi  
Anaxyrus woodhousii Woodhouse's Toad (Girard, 1854)    
  Anaxyrus woodhousii australis Southwestern Woodhouse's Toad (Shannon and Lowe, 1955) Bufo woodhousii australis  
(Hybrids of A. woodhousii x A. fowleri)
(Formerly  Anaxyrus woodhousii velatus)
East Texas Toad      
  Anaxyrus woodhousii woodhousii (CA) (NW) Rocky Mountain Toad (Girard, 1854) Bufo woodhousii woodhousii Sounds
Ascaphus Tailed Frogs Stejneger, 1899    
Ascaphus montanus Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog Mittleman and Myers, 1949    
Ascaphus truei (CA) + (NW) Coastal Tailed Frog Stejneger, 1899    
Cophixalus Rainforest Frogs Boettger, 1892    
Cophixalus ornatus Northern Ornate Nursery Frog (Fry, 1912) Ornate Nursery Frog  
Crinia (Australian Ground Frogs
with separated toes)
Tschudi, 1838    
Crinia parinsignifera Beeping Froglet Main, 1957 Eastern Sign-bearing Froglet  
Cyclorana (Water-holding Frogs) Steindachner, 1867    
Cyclorana alboguttata Green-striped Frog (Gunther, 1867) Striped Burrowing Frog  
Cyclorana novaehollandiae Eastern Snapping Frog Steindachner, 1867 New Holland Frog
Giant Water-holding Frog
New Holland Water-holding Frog
Wide-mouthed Frog
Cyclorana platycephala Water-holding Frog (Gunther, 1873)    
Cyclorana verrucosa Rough Collared Frog Tyler & Martin, 1977 Rough Frog  
Duttaphrynus   Frost et al., 2006    
Duttaphrynus (Bufo) melanostictus Common Indian Toad      
Eleutherodactylus Rain Frogs Duméril and Bibron, 1841    
Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides Rio Grande Chirping Frog (Cope, 1877)    
  Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides campi Rio Grande Chirping Frog Stejneger, 1915 Syrrophus campi Sounds
Eleutherodactylus marnockii Cliff Chirping Frog (Cope, 1878) Syrrhophus marnockii Sounds
Fejervarya   Bolkay, 1915    
Fejervarya syhadrensis Long-legged Cricket Frog
  Southern Cricket Frog
Indian Cricket Frog
Syhadra Frog
Gastrophryne North American Narrow-mouthed Toads Fitzinger, 1843    
Gastrophryne carolinensis Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad (Holbrook, 1836)    
Gastrophryne mazatlanensis Sinaloan Narrow-mouthed Toad Hallowell, 1856   Sounds
Gastrophryne olivacea Great Plains Narrow-mouthed Toad (Hallowell, 1857 “1856”)    
Hyla Holarctic Treefrogs Laurenti, 1768    
Hyla arenicolor Canyon Treefrog Cope, 1866   Sounds
Hyla chrysoscelis Cope's Gray Treefrog Cope 1880   Sounds
Hyla cinerea (TX) + (MISC) Green Treefrog Schneider, 1799 (Dryophytes cinereus) Sounds
Hyla squirella (TX) + (MISC) Squirrel Treefrog Bosc, 1800   Sounds
Hyla versicolor Gray Treefrog LeConte, 1825 / Cope, 1880   Sounds
Hyla wrightorum Arizona Treefrog Taylor, 1939 “1938”   Sounds
Hylarana Wood Frogs (Steindachner, 1868)    
Hylarana daemeli Wood Frog (Steindachner, 1868) Rana daemeli - Wood Frog  
Hypopachus Sheep Frogs Keferstein, 1867    
Hypopachus variolosus Sheep Frog (Cope, 1866)   Sounds
Incilius Central American Toads Cope, 1875    
Incilius alvarius Sonoran Desert Toad (Girard, 1859) Bufo alvarius Sounds
Incilius nebulifer Gulf Coast Toad (Girard, 1854) Bufo nebulifer Sounds
Limnodynastes Australian Swamp Frogs Fitzinger, 1843    
Limnodynastes peronii Striped Marsh Frog (Dumeril & Bibron, 1841) Brown-striped Frog  
Lithobates American Water Frogs Fitzinger, 1843    
Lithobates berlandieri (CA) + (TX) Rio Grande Leopard Frog (Baird, 1854) Rana berlandieri Sounds
Lithobates capito Gopher Frog Frost, 2006
Florida Gopher Frog -
Lithobates capito aesopus
Lithobates catesbeianus
(CA) + (NW) + (TX) + (BC) + (SW) + (MISC)
American Bullfrog (Shaw, 1802) Rana catesbeiana Sounds
Lithobates chiricahuensis Chiricahua Leopard Frog (Platz and Mecham, 1979) Rana fisheri Sounds
Lithobates clamitans (TX) + (MISC) + (NW)
Green Frog (Latreille, 1801) Northern Green Frog -
Rana clamitans melanota

(Rafinesque, 1820)
Bronze Frog -
Rana clamitans clamitans
(Latreille, 1801)
Lithobates grylio Pig Frog (Stejneger, 1901) Rana grylio Sounds
LIthobates onca Relict Leopard Frog (Cope, 1875) Rana onca Sounds
Lithobates palustris Pickerel Frog (LeConte, 1825) Rana palustris  
Lithobates pipiens (CA) Northern Leopard Frog (Schreber, 1782) Rana pipiens Sounds
Lithobates sphenocephalus (CA) + (TX) (Misc) Southern Leopard Frog (Cope, 1886) Rana sphenocephala Sounds
Lithobates sylvaticus Wood Frog Leconte (1825)    
Lithobates tarahumarae Tarahumara Frog (Boulenger, 1917) Rana tarahumarae  
Lithobates yavapaiensis  (CA) + (SW) Lowland Leopard Frog (Platz and Frost, 1984) Rana yavapaiensis Sounds
Litoria Australasian Treefrogs Tschudi, 1838    
Litoria caerulea Green Tree Frog (White, 1790) White's Tree Frog
Dumpy Tree Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog
Litoria chloris Southern Orange-eyed Tree Frog (Boulenger, 1893) Red-eyed Tree Frog  
Litoria dahlii Dahl's Aquatic Frog (Boulenger, 1896)    
Litoria fallax Eastern Sedge Frog (Peters, 1880) Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog  
Litoria gilleni Centralian Tree Frog (Spencer, 1896)    
Litoria gracilenta Graceful Tree Frog (Peters, 1869) Dainty Tree Frog  
Litoria inermis Bumpy Rocket Frog (Peters, 1867) Floodplain Frog  
Litoria jungguy Northern Stony-creek Frog Donnellan & Mahony, 2004    
Litoria latopalmata Broad-palmed Rocket Frog Gunther, 1867 Broad-palmed Frog  
Litoria myola Kuranda Tree Frog Hoskin 2007    
Litoria nannotis Waterfall Frog (Andersson, 1916) Torrent Tree Frog  
Litoria nasuta Striped Rocket Frog (Gray, 1842) Rocket Frog  
Litoria nigrofrenata Tawny Rocket Frog (Gunther, 1867) Bridled Frog  
Litoria pearsoniana Cascade Tree Frog (Copland, 1961) Pearson's Tree Frog  
Litoria peronii Emerald-spotted Tree Frog (Tschudi, 1838) Peron's Tree Frog  
Litoria rheocola Common Mist Frog Liem, 1974 Creek Frog  
Litoria rothii Northern Laughing Tree Frog (De Vis, 1884) Roth's Tree Frog  
Litoria rubella Desert Tree Frog (Gray, 1842)    
Litoria serrata Green-eyed Tree Frog (Andersson, 1916)    
Litoria tyleri Laughing Tree Frog (Martin, Watson, Gartside, Littlejohn & Loftus-Hills, 1979)    
Litoria wilcoxi Eastern Stony Creek Frog (Gunther, 1864) Stony Creek Frog  
Mixophyes Barred Frogs Günther, 1864    
Mixophyes coggeri Mottled Barred Frog Mahony, Donnellan, Richards & McDonald, 2006    
Mixophyes fasciolatus Great Barred Frog Gunther, 1864    
Mixophyes schevilli Northern Barred Frog Loveridge, 1933    
Nyctimystes Big-Eyed Tree Frogs Stejneger, 1916    
Nyctimystes dayi Australian Lace-lid (Gunther, 1897) Litoria dayi
Day’s Frog
Lace-eyed Tree Frog
Day's Big-eyed Tree Frog
Osteopilus West Indian Treefrogs Fitzinger, 1843    
Osteopilus septentrionalis Cuban Treefrog (Duméril and Bibron, 1841)    
Platyplectrum Australian Burrowing Frogs Günther, 1863    
Platyplectrum ornatum


Ornate Burrowing-Frog (Gray, 1842) Opisthodon ornatus -
Ornate Burrowing Frog
Platyplectrum spenceri Centralian Burrowing-Frog (Parker, 1940) Opisthodon spenceri - Spencer's Burrowing Frog  
Polypedates Whipping Frogs Tschudi, 1838    
Polypedates (Rhacophorus) maculatus Common Tree Frog      
Pseudacris Chorus Frogs Fitzinger, 1843    
Pseudacris cadaverina (CA) + (BC) California Treefrog (Cope, 1866)   Sounds
Pseudacris clarkii Spotted Chorus Frog (Baird, 1854)   Sounds
Pseudacris crucifer Spring Peeper (Wied-Neuwied, 1838)   Sounds
Pseudacris hypochondriaca (CA) + (BC)
Baja California Treefrog (Hallowell, 1854)  Pseudacris regilla (or Hyla regilla) -
Pacific Treefrog or Pacific Chorus Frog
Pseudacris maculata (SW) + (MISC) Boreal Chorus Frog (Agassiz, 1850) Pseudacris triseriata - Western Chorus Frog Sounds
Pseudacris regilla (CA) + (NW) Pacific Treefrog (Baird and Girard, 1852) Pseudacris regilla (or Hyla regilla)
Northern Pacific Treefrog
Pacific Chorus Frog
Pseudacris sierra
Sierran Treefrog (Jameson, Mackey, and Richmond, 1966)  Pseudacris regilla (or Hyla regilla) -
Pacific Treefrog or Pacific Chorus Frog
Pseudacris streckeri Strecker's Chorus Frog Wright and Wright, 1933   Sounds
Pseudophryne Toadlets (Ground Frogs) Fitzinger, 1843    
Pseudophryne raveni Copper-backed Broodfrog Ingram & Corben, 1994 Copper-backed Brood Frog  
Rana Brown Frogs Linnaeus, 1758    
Rana aurora (CA) + (NW) Northern Red-legged Frog Baird and Girard, 1852   Sounds
Rana boylii (CA) + (NW) Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Baird, 1854   Sounds
Rana cascadae (CA) + (NW) Cascades Frog Slater, 1939   Sounds
Rana draytonii (CA) + (BC) California Red-legged Frog Baird and Girard, 1852   Sounds
Rana luteiventris (CA) + (NW) Columbia Spotted Frog Thompson, 1913   Sounds
Rana muscosa Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Camp, 1917    
Rana pretiosa (CA) + (NW) Oregon Spotted Frog Baird and Girard   Sounds
Rana sierrae Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog Camp, 1917 Formerly Rana muscosa -
Mountain Yellow-legged Frog
Rhinella South American Toads Fitzinger, 1826    
Rhinella marina (TX) + (AU) Cane Toad   Bufo marinus - Marine Toad  
Scaphiopus North American Spadefoots Holbrook, 1836    
Scaphiopus couchii (CA) + (TX) + (BC) Couch's Spadefoot Baird, 1854   Sounds
Scaphiopus hurterii Hurter's Spadefoot Strecker, 1910    
Smilisca Mexican Treefrogs Cope, 1865    
Smilisca baudinii Mexican Treefrog (Duméril and Bibron, 1841)   Sounds
Smilisca fodiens Lowland Burrowing Treefrog (Boulenger, 1882) formerly Pternohyla fodiens -
Northern Casque-headed Frog
Spea Western Spadefoots Cope, 1866    
Spea bombifrons (TX) + (SW) Plains Spadefoot (Cope, 1863)    
Spea hammondii (CA) + (BC) Western Spadefoot (Baird, 1859 “1857”)   Sounds
Spea intermontana (CA) + (NW) Great Basin Spadefoot (Cope, 1883)   Sounds
Spea multiplicata Mexican Spadefoot (Cope, 1863)    
  Spea multiplicata stagnalis Chihuahuan Desert Spadefoot (Cope, 1875) New Mexico Spadefoot Sounds
Uperoleia Toadlets Gray, 1841    
Uperoleia fusca Dusky Toadlet Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986    
Xenopus Clawed Frogs Wagler, 1827    
Xenopus laevis African Clawed Frog (Daudin, 1802)   Sounds
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