A Guide to the Amphibians
and Reptiles of California

More California Herp Lists

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Undescribed, Possibly occurring CA Herps A list of herps that you might find on other lists which have not yet been added to the list we follow, or which have not yet been described in a published paper, and other herps that might occur in California.
Non-native Herps in CA
Information about introduced species of herps in California.
Herps on California Islands This is a chart of the reptiles and amphibians that are found on the major islands  off the coast of California and inside the San Francisco Bay, with links to pages for each island including pictures of the islands (most of them) and pictures of the species that are found on the islands.
Escaped Pet Herps in CA A few pictures of some of the escaped pets found in the state.
California Herp Diversity

Some statistics on the numbers of the different California Herps.

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