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Sounds of
Amargosa Toad - Anaxyrus nelsoni

(Stejneger, 1893)

(= Bufo nelsoni)
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Amargosa Toad

Release Calls

A release call is produced by a male toad or an unreceptive female toad when a frog or other animal (including a human hand) grabs it across the back in the position used for mating or amplexus. It's a frog's way of saying "Get off my back! Let go!" In some species of toads, this call is also made during the breeding season when a male toad enters another male toad's territory.

The Amargosa Toad is only known to produce a release call.

Sound  This is a 14 second recording of the release calls of an Amargosa Toad (sex not determined) made at night in Nye County, Nevada. Insects are heard in the background.

Sound  Listen to the release calls of an Amargosa Toad. © Jeff Rice (Listen to more at the Western Soundscape Archive)
Recorded with the assistance of Michael Burroughs, USFWS. Not to be used without permission of Jeff Rice.
Short Video
Amargosa Toad
A toad making a release call when picked up.

You can listen to more recordings of Amargosa Toads on the cd that comes with this book:

Lang Elliott, Carl Gerhardt, and Carlos Davidson - The Frogs and Toads of North America - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


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