A Guide to the Amphibians
and Reptiles of California

Fun Herp Stuff

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Fun Herp Links A list of links to some of the fun and interesting herp sites I've seen. wild herps
Herp Signs
Pictures of informational and warning signs about herps that I have collected in my travels.
Newt Crossing sign
Herp Stuff Some interesting visual depictions of herps I've photographed in my travels. Tommy Turtle statue
Herp Art Representations of herps in art, including traditional art found in museums, that I have photographed in my travels. Huichol Yarn Painting
Rock Art Native American depictions of herps (or what I think are herps) etched or painted on rocks. Native American Rock Art
Songs About California A list of songs that mention California. album cover
Songs About Herps A list of songs that mention herps. 45
Crucial information about the web site that our lawyers insisted we list for you... sign
Photos From
the Field
Pictures of people fieldherping. And a few shots of good trash sites and good herping roads.

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