California Frogs and Toads Range Maps

A Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of California

These maps illustrate the general historic range of native and non-native frogs and toads found in California.

Red, or another color indicated below the map, shows this distribution. Frogs or toads of the species or subspecies shown are expected to be found within the illustrated area in places where suitable habitat and conditions occur. In some cases, the current range may be fragmented or considerably diminished from the range illustrated here.

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range map range map range map
Western Toad Arroyo Toad Yosemite Toad
Orange: Anaxyrus boreas boreas - Boreal Toad
(Bufo boreas boreas)

Red: Anaxyrus boreas halophilus - California Toad
(Bufo boreas halophilus)

Gray: General area of intergradation
Red: Anaxyrus californicus - Arroyo Toad

Red: Anaxyrus canorus - Yosemite Toad

range map range map range map
Great Plains Toad Black Toad Arizona Toad
Red: Anaxyrus cognatus - Great Plains Toad
Red and blue dots: Anaxyrus exsul - Black Toad
Red dot: Historic location for Anaxyrus microscaphus -
Arizona Toad

range map range map range map
Red-spotted Toad Woodhouse's Toad Coastal Tailed Frog
Red: Anaxyrus punctatus - Red-spotted Toad
Red: Anaxyrus woodhousii woodhousii - Rocky Mountain Toad
Red: Ascaphus truei - Coastal Tailed Frog
range map range map range map
Sonoran Desert Toad Northern Leopard Frog Lowland Leopard Frog
Red: Incilius alvarius - Sonoran Desert Toad
Historic range - now apparently not found anywhere in California.
Red and Blue: Lithobates pipiens - Northern Leopard Frog Red: Historic range of Lithobates yavapaiensis -
Lowland Leopard Frog

range map range map range map
Sierran Treefrog Baja California Treefrog Pacific Treefrog
Orange: Pseudacris sierra - Sierran Treefrog
Red: Pseudacris hypochondriaca hypochondriaca -
Baja California Treefrog

Dark Blue: Pseudacris regilla - Pacific Treefrog
range map range map
California Treefrog Northern Red-legged Frog Foothill Yellow-legged Frog
Red: Pseudacris cadaverina - California Treefrog
Red and Purple : Rana aurora - Northern Red-legged Frog
Red: Rana boylii - Foothill Yellow-legged Frog

(Historic range: now absent from southern California
and much of the Sierra Nevada and elsewhere.)
range map range map range map
Cascades Frog California Red-legged Frog Columbia Spotted Frog
Red: Rana cascadae - Cascades Frog Orange and Purple: Rana draytonii - California Red-legged Frog

(Historic range: now absent from most of southern California
and the Sierra Nevada.)
Red: Rana luteiventris - Columbia Spotted Frog
Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Habitat range map Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Habitat
Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Oregon Spotted Frog Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog
Orange: Historic Range of Rana muscosa -
Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog
Red: Historic locations for Rana pretiosa - Oregon Spotted Frog
Red: Historic range of Rana sierrae -
Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog
range map range map range map
Couch's Spadefoot Western Spadefoot Great Basin Spadefoot
Red: Scaphiopus couchii - Couch's Spadefoot
Red: Historic range of Spea hammondii - Western Spadefoot Red: Spea intermonana - Great Basin Spadefoot

Non-Native Species

range map range map range map
Rio Grande Leopard Frog American Bullfrog Southern Leopard Frog
Red: Lithobates berlandieri - Rio Grande Leopard Frog
Red: Lithobates catesbeianus - American Bullfrog
Red: Lithobates sphenocephalus - Southern Leopard Frog
 range map  
African Clawed Frog Common Coquí  
Red: Xenopus laevis - African Clawed Frog
Red: Eleutherodactylus coqui - Common Coquí

(Red indicates the counties where this frog has been found and may or may not be established.

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