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New Additions in 2017


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These are some of the new pictures, sounds, and video that I have added to the site in 2017.
Most of these come from other photographers who I want to thank. I don't list everything that I add myself.

The links lead to pages which include thumbnails and other links to the new content. You will have to search the page to find them, but most of them are usually put at the bottom of the gallery of thumbnails.
The most recent additions to the site are on top of the list below.
The list of additions to the site in 2016 can be seen here.


Jared Heald sent in some pictures of Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamanders showing eating and foraging behavior, and pictures of an Aroboreal Salamander and a Sharp-tailed Snake.

Luke Talltree sent in some pictures of a Shasta Salamander he photographed in late December.

Brad Hollingsworth sent me a voucher picture from the San Diego Natural History Museum of one of the recently-described Northern Italian Wall Lizards that have colonized a neighborhood in San Marcos.

Mark Gary took the monthly California Tiger Salamander breeding pond picture and also sent in photos of California Tiger Salamander eggs that were laid in the pond in December.

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