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Using Digital Media
All of the digital media used on this website (images, sound recordings, videos) are protected by copyright.

Many users of this site have generously contributed their images, sounds, and videos for use on this website. The name of the contributor is printed below an image or sound link and also on the photos. The copyright holders maintain all rights to the use of their digital media and they all have their own guidelines for how their works can be used. Please contact them to get permission to use their work. Please don't use their work without permission. If no email address is listed here, use is prohibited.

Any photo, sound, or video not attributed to someone else below is © Gary Nafis. (This name should be present on the photos and videos.)

Using Digital Media © Gary Nafis

Free Use

You can download up to ten images from the web site for non-commercial and educational use - something that is free to use and without advertisements. If you want to use more than 10 of my images, please contact me for my permission.
The credit should read © Gary Nafis. (You can add a link to www.CaliforniaHerps,com, if you want.)
Since 2/2011 I have used the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) license.

I will not send you high-resolution files, help you choose photos, sign release forms, or do anything else with this free use.
If you need me to do any of these things, talk to me about commercial use.

Commercial Use

Please contact me to offer payment for the use of any images, sounds, or videos © Gary Nafis for commercial purposes, which include anything that the user must pay for or any website that makes money from advertising. I can provide you with a digital image of higher resolution than you can download from the web site at a low cost. I will also sign release forms, provide an invoice, etc. which I will not do for non-commercial free use.

How to Contact Contributors

Below is a list of the names of digital media contributors (n alphabetical order by last name.

After receiving complaints attributing unwanted spam to email addresses listed here, I have made an attempt to prevent  automatic email harvesting by spammers by adding a # symbol before each email address.

You will need to remove the leading # symbol before using the email address.
Some browsers may insert a symbol other than the hash tag.
Whatever symbol is put at the beginning of the email address should be removed
I realize that this makes it hard to use these email links on a cell phone, but I don't have a better solution.

Ryan Aberg
Todd Accornero
Douglas Aguillard
Jeff Ahrens
Brad Alexander
Ronn Altig
Melissa Amarello
John Andermann
Bryce Anderson
Jacob Anderson
Lawrence Anderson
Kevin Andras
Lady Li Andre
Chris Arai
Akela Arthur
Bill Bachman
Emile Bado
Cooper Bailey
Alex Bairstow
Crystal Baker
Osa Barbani
Dick Bartlett
Nick Barrientos
Deb Barringer
Alan D. Barron (or Alan Barron)
John Aylward
Sean Barefield
Sean Barry
Todd Battey
Gary Beach
Leah Beebe
Robert Beecroft
Dave Beller
Jeffrey Belotti
Jim Bennett
Max Benningfield
Jonathan Benson
Steve Berry  -  Jaaleekaay
Dave Biggs
Steve Bird   Zoothera Birding
Robert Black
Brian Blackwelder
Steve Bledsoe
Winter Bonnin
Andrew Borcher
Joe Bouvier
Dave Bowlus
Eric Boyer
Jerry L. Boyer
Bon Terra Consulting (Sam Stewart)
Dan Boyd
Richard E. Brewer
Patrick Briggs
Kate Britsch
Steven Britton
Steve Broggie
Chris Brown
Douglas Brown
Douglas S. Brown
Holly Brown
Philip Brown
Carl R. Brune
Frank Buchter
John Buckman
Paul J. Burke
Olly Burrows (no use allowed)
Greg Buchanok (no use allowed)
Carola Bundy
Tim Burkhardt
James R. Buskirk
Jason Butler
Colin Byrne
Luke Caldwell
Steven Caldwell
Suzanne Camejo
Doug Campbell
Amber Carson
Alex Castelein
Jen Castle
Zachary Cava
Shane Caver
Alexus Cazares
Richard Cazares
Robin Chanin
Emily Chebul
Isaac Chellman
John Chevalier (no use allowed)
The Chico Turtle Lab
George Chrisman
Ruby Christine
Michael Clarkson
Adam G. Clause (Adam Clause)
Seth Coffman
Suzanne Cogen
Kenneth D. Cohn
Walter Combs
Keith Condon
Karen Cooper
Russel Cormack
Gerald & Buff Corsi
Bob Cossins
David Couch
Michele Coughlin
Kirsty Coulter
Tony Covell
Jennifer Cox
Terry Cox
Crazy About Nature     Facebook
Michael Crews
Kevin Crouch
Curtis Croulet
Earl Curran (no use allowed)
Dave D
Carlos Davidson
Alison Davies
Tom Day
Tim Dayton
Ben DeDominic
Chris DeGroof
Wim de Groot
Janjaap Dekker
Andrew de Koeyer
Harold DeLisle
Guntram Deichsel
John Delgado - John's YouTube Rattlesnakes Channel
Byron De Stouet
Kimberly Deutsch
Tara de Silva
Robert de Vico  -
Ed Dickie
Joseph E. DiDonato
Julia DiRienzo
Rory Doolin
Mike Dorsey
Katie Drexhage
Rachel DuBose
Roman Duellge
Sylvia Durando
Jeremiah Easter
Joe Eastham
Bruce Edley
Abby Edwards / Audubon Canyon Ranch
Kenny Elliott
Janet Ellis
Carla England
Seth Erickson
Nick Esquivel
Geoff Fangerow
Norbert Fanjat
Lonnie Fehr
Dave Feliz
David Feliz
Pierre Fidenci
Jason Fitzgibbon
Aaron Fitzsimmons
Brian Flaigmore
William Flaxington
David Fong
Bill Ford
Domiane Forte
Von T. Freeze
Debbie Frost
Alexandria M. Fulton USGS
Joe Furhman
Aureliano Gaglione
Alberto Galindo
Carrie Galvin
Paul Galvin
Beverly Gandall
Mela Garcia
Mario Garcia Paris
Mark Gary
Ian Gaston
Michael Gates
Michael Gatti
Richard Gentile
John Gerhard
Benjamin German
Joel A. Germond
Phil Gervato
Zeev Nitzan Ginsburg
Andre Giraldi
Mark Girardeau - Orange County
Adam Gitmed
Christopher Glover
Matthey Godfrey   (no use allowed)
Susannah Goldston
Leo Gomez
Dave Goodward
Terry Goyan
Gary Grantham
Tom Green
Harry Greene
Pamela Greer
Marcia Grefsrud CDFW
Lori Grennan
Nancy Gribler
Ken Griffiths - web site: Naturally Wild Photography
Bret Gross
Dylan Gross
Joyce Gross
Erik Grouell  (no use allowed)
Ricky Grubb
Chris Gruenwald
Bob Haase
Cheryl Haga
Steve Haimwertz
Jonathan Hakim
Lou Hamby
Linda Hamilton
Robert Hamilton   -    Hamilton Biological
Shelly Hancock
Robert W. Hansen
Paul Hanson
Jeffrey Harker
Tom Harkins
Andrew Harmer
Brian Harris
Daniel Harris
Megan Harris
lara hartley
Andy Hatch
Kinji Hayashi  (contact James R. Buskirk)
Ruby Christine Head
Jared Heald
Grigory Heaton
Lee Hecker
Adam Helbert
Yuval Helfman
Taylor Henry
Ryan Henson
Francesca Heras
Tim Herbert
Bob Herrmann
Robert Herndon
Nicholas Hess
Alexandra Hicks
Mark Hilands
Brian Hinds
Jon Hirt
John Hodgson
Owen Holt  (No use allowed)
Stacey Holt
Craig Hoover
Taryn Horne
Greg Howard
Sabrina Howe
Ryan Hoyer
Brian Hubbs
Jeremy Huff
Don Huffman
John Huffman
Katherine Hughes
Brandon Hunsberger
Ryan Hunter
Cait Hutnik     (Light of Morn)
Michael Inaba
Claudia Inoue
Steve Ivie
Amy Jaecker-Jones
David Jahn
Doug Jeffries
Chris Johnson (no use allowed)
Don Johnson
Oscar Johnson
Pieter Johnson
Val Johnson
Russell Johnston
Jason Jones
Faris K
Thomas Kavenaugh
Jay Keller
Max Kelley
Sean Kelly
Dan Kennedy
Suzanne Kennedy
Andreas Kettenburg
Neil Keung
Ceal Klingler
Denise Kocek    web site: Elephant Seals Blog
David Kositchek
Tadd Kraft
Steven Krause
Maureen Krinsky
Alex Krohn
Isaac Krone
Liz Kubalek
Tony Kurz
Rodney Lacey
Chad Lane or Chad M. Lane
Holly Lane
Kevin Law
Dr. Robert Lawson
Jeffrey M. Lemm
William Leonard
Wade Leschyn
Alan E. Leviton
Zachary Lim  (or Zach Lim)
Chris Lima
Joel Lingenfelter
Richard Lingo
Gregory Litiatco
Nate Loftin
Connor Long
Sheri Lubin
Lorenzo Maccone
Mike X Macrae
Grace Macy
Jude Magann
Bob Martz
William Mason
Stephanie Mastriano
James Maughn
William Mays
Joy Lutz-Mizar
Shane Macfarlan
Bobby MacGregor
Paul Maier
Ryan Martin
Thomas Martin
Emily Mastrelli
Kelly Mathson
Matt Maxon
Kyle McCann
Nathan McCanne
John McClain
Paul McClenahan
Allen McConnell
Mark McCormick
Ethyl McGee
Erin McGuire
Scott McKay
Jerry McMurray
Natalie McNear
Evan Mehta
Gérard Menut
Anthony Mercieca (no use allowed)
Brian Merget
Robert Mellinger
Cody Merrylees
John Michels
David Mikkelsen
David Miles
Jessica Miller
Mark Miller
Thomas Miller
Tom Millington
Jeff Mintz
Nancy Mittasch
Harry Moffett
Linda Morgan
Diane Morrow
James Morry
Bruce Montgomery
Brad Moon
Noah Morales
Richard Morgan II
Becca Morn
Chris Morrison
Casey Moss
Albert Most
K. Moussally
Chris Mowry
Carlos Rodriguez Munoz   (no use allowed)
Sam Murray
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley (David Wake)
Laura Najaf-abadi
Gary Nafis
Brian Nann
Christian Naventi
Julie Nelson
Jonathan Nemati
Melissa Newman
Jason Nichols
Martin Nicolaus
Donna Noce
Jeff Nordland    -
Judith Ogus
Teejay O'Rear
Edgar Ortega
Ricky Ortiz
Ken Owen  -  Channel Islands Restoration
Bob Packard
Ross Padilla
Joshua C. Pace
Theodore J. Pappenfuss
Duncan Parks
Angel Patton
Kenny Paul
Lori Paul
Mike Pecora
Scott Peden
Jason Penny
Michael A. Peters
Michael M. Phillips
Randy Pickard
Ed Pirog
Ken Pitts
Dominic Poole
Richard Porter
Koby Poulton
Christian Powell
Lisa Powers
Tess Prenger
Loren Prins
Mark Pugs
Joshua Puhn
Nao Rains
George M. Ramirez
Darren Ramsey
Nathan Ray
Scott Ray
Andrea Reddick (Ron Ruppert)
Marcus Rehrman
Aaron Reif
John Reinsch
James Rexroth
Jeff Rice   web site: Western Soundscape Archive
Will Richardson    Tahoe Institute for Natural Science
Gary Ridley
Spencer Riffle
Molly Rinaldi
Cindy Rizzato
Don Roberson  (His website on Birds, California Birding, and other wildlife.)
Darrell Roberts  (photo not available for re-use.)
Max Roberts
Michael Robinson -  Flickr Page
David Rodriguez
Jason Rojas
Stephanie Root
Jason Rosenberg
Josh Rosenstein
Mark Rothenay
Alison Rowe
James Rowe
Mike Ryan
Jennifer Rycenga      web site: (San Mateo County Birding Guide)
Neo S
Grayson B. Sandy (Grayson Sandy)
Kathleen Scavone
Michelle Scharer   (no use allowed)
Phil Schmidt
Donald Schultz
Rob Schell
Stacy Schenkel
Naomi Schiff
Lynette Schimming
John Schilling
Leslie Schreiber
Dan Schroeter
Jeanne Schultz
Richard Seaman
Jay Selman
Alyssa Semerdjian
Vince Semonsen
Daniel Seung
J. Clay Sharp
Ryan Shatto
Dave Shaw
Jackson Shedd
Scott Shoemaker
Anastasia Dimitriu Shup
Jake Sibley
Karyn Sieglitz
Diane L. Sieker
Ryan Sikola
Lou Silva
Brad Sillasen
Barry Sinervo
Matthew Sinkhorn
Matt Sjostrom
Patty Sliney
Jay Smart
Ben Smith
Ed Smith
Jonathan Smith
Nate Smith  (Nathan on the photo)
Nathan Smith
Gordon C. Snelling
Jay Snow
John T. Snow
Tamara Spaur
Mike Spencer
Bill Stagnaro
Michael G. Starkey
Ryne Starling
Rodney Starr
Rick Staub
Robert Staehle
Wayne Steiger
John Stephenson
Bob Stephens-Doll
Don Sterba
Morgan Stickrod
Eric Stitt
John Stoklosa
Connor Stone
Zack Sturbaum
John Sullivan - Wild Herps - Ribbit Photography
Michael Sutcliffe
Karen Swaim    Swaim Biological, Inc.
K. S. Swigart
Luke Talltree
John Tashjian
Jean Taves
Emily Taylor
Jeff Teel
Randy Teets
Randolph K Thomas
Damon Tighe
Filip Tkaczyk
David Tobler
Michelle Tollett
Craig Tooley  -  Craig Tooley's (Ruffimages)
Jim Tracy
Becky Trask
Pat Trenham
Brody Trent
Huck Triggs
Amelia True
Shirley Tudor
Lauren Tyson
Tim Valentine
Anne Vanoppen
Glen Vargas
Pete Veilleux
Ivan Vershynin
Allen Vinson
Phil Vogel
Vance Vredenburg
Sandra Wagner
Harold Wagstaff
Sara Walhovd
Henk Wallays
Cory Walker
David Walton
James Wang  web site:
Roxanne Ward
David Wake
Melissa Wantz
Mike Waters
Kyle Watson
Aaron Wells
Will Wells
Charlie Wheeler
John White
Ken D. Wiley
Scott Wiley
Spencer Williams
Matt Willis
Sam Wilson
Ryan Winkleman
Van Wishingrad (also: Van Joshua Wishingrad)
Melissa Witte
Ben Witzke
Patricia Woodfill
John Worden
Jorah Wyer
Karen Wyld Karen
Austin Xu
Trevor Yehle
Anish Yelekar
Stuart Young
Tyler Young
Samantha Zahringer
Bo Zaremba
Katie Zarn
Ameet Zaveri
Dave Zeldin
Larry Zheng
Steve Zimmerman

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