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Fun Herp Stuff

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Fun Herp Links A list of links to some of the fun and interesting herp sites I've seen. wild herps
Herps In Movies My absurd and obsessive lists of snakes, lizards, amphibians, and turtles in movies with screenshots and descriptions of most of the films. herp stuff
Herp Signs
Pictures of informational and warning signs about herps.
Newt Crossing sign
Herp Stuff Some interesting visual depictions of herps I've photographed in my travels. Tommy Turtle statue
Herp Art More artistic representation of herps, including some older more traditional art found in museums. Huichol Yarn Painting
Rock Art Native American depictions of herps (or what I think are herps) etched or painted on rocks. It's hard to know exactly what they mean anymore. Native American Rock Art
Songs About California A list of songs in some way about California. album cover
Songs About Herps A list of songs about herps. 45
Pacific Treefrogs Calling in the Wrong Place An Internet Movie Database (IMDB) list of movies that use the sounds of Pacific Treefrogs outside of their natural range. (Yeah, I know, they're now 3 species and most likely they used the calls of Baja California Treefrogs, but I'll let that go since the calls are all the same.) Gold Diggers of 1935
Crucial information about the web site that our lawyers insisted we list for you... sign
Photos From the Field Pictures of people fieldherping. And a few shots of good trash sites and good herping roads.

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