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Frisco Disco by Corgi, 1978

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These are songs that unfortunately rhyme "San Francisco" (or "Frisco") with "Disco."

They're all from the main list of Songs About San Francisco.

Artist  (with links to comments and lyrics) Song Title  (click the link to listen to the song) Shameful Lyrics
2 Live Crew (featuring KC & Freak Nasty) 2 Live Party " '70s music still rulin' the disco
From South Beach to San Francisco"
Arctic Monkeys Fake Tales of San Francisco "Fake tales of San Francisco
Echo through the room
More point to a wedding disco
Without a bride or groom"
The Beautiful South 101 Percent Man "It ain't San Francisco
But you're end-of-term disco"
Frank Black and The Catholics I Want Rock & Roll "If you're going to San Francisco
Just remember it all is disco...."
Buck 65 You Know The Science "Don't stop, show no shame, dance to disco
And you know the baddest DJs come from San Francisco"
Delinquent Habits (featuring Sen Dog) California "Hollywood the East side, Hub City and 'Frisco
Calles to the playa, fiyas up in the disco"
Diesel Sausalito Summer Night "Another mile or two to Frisco
200 gallons from L.A.
The engine's stomping like a disco"
Dom Dolla San Frandisco "San Francisco, where's your disco?
San Francisco, where's your disco?"
Eastside Connection Frisco Disco "And they're playin' Frisco Disco
They're playin' my sweet song
I said they're playin' Frisco Disco
With disco you can't go wrong"
Mick Jackson Blame it on the Boogie "We spent the night in Frisco at every kinda disco
From that night I kissed our love goodbye"
The Jacksons Blame it on the Boogie "We spent the night in Frisco at every kinda disco
From that night I kissed our love goodbye"
K.Flay Bye, Bye Illinois "I've danced a disco, in San Francisco
Lost all I had to lose, out in Santa Cruz"
The Foals London Thunder "Lost my mind in San Fransisco,
in a worn out disco when tempers cooled"
Kool Keith (featuring Esham) Dark Vadar "I'm 2004 beyond the average club music and disco
I take cities by storm
Drop deep like hills in San Francisco
Cookout with hood rats and fried chicken and Crisco"
Lowell (featuring Icona Pop) Ride "Let's go to Hollywood, burn down the disco
Break away to San Francisco"
Nellie McKay Testify "Feast or famine, you're cryin' at the disco
You have lost your way
The peace they were plannin' died in San Francisco"
Mac Miller San Francisco "I took acid in San Francisco
Stripped butt-naked, caused a panic at the disco"
People Under the Stairs San Franciso Knights "(On a warm San Francisco)
Rockin' the disco"
The Radiators Nancy Can't Dance "Nancy can't dance if the beat ain't disco
Learned all the steps in San Francisco
Nancy can't dance if the music ain't disco"
Radical Something Cali Get Down "She so cold like Frisco, she OG like disco"
Right Said Fred Obvious "Baby you can be in San Francisco
Around a corner in a disco"
Sister Sledge He's the Greatest Dancer "One night in a disco on the outskirts of Frisco
I was cruisin' with my favorite gang"
Train Save Me San Francisco "I've been rock 'n roll and disco,
Won't you save me San Francisco?"
Vampire Weekend Step "While home in New York was champagne and disco
Tapes from L.A. slash San Francisco"
Vengaboys Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song) "Saw you in the disco
Last night in San Francisco"
Vengaboys We Like to Party! (The Vengabus) "New York to San Francisco
An intercity disco"
Aaron Watson Something With A Swing To It "That hip-hoppin', rappin' boy band crap is for the squirrels in San Francisco
And Nashville is making music that sounds like a dadgum disco"
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