Photos From the Field

'The rallying cry "Field Trip!"in a herpetology lab is akin to "road trip" in a college fraternity. Think Animal House with real animals -- plus frogs and snakes. So strong are the combined urges of collecting and escaping the lab that anybody's field trip instantly becomes everybody's field trip. Add the fact that any car crammed with herpetologists is a de facto expedition even when it's only headed to the mall (every passing ditch and vacant lot being a harbinger of potential treasure), and you had a formula for the halting, Murphy's Law...scramble that was a field trip.'

Leslie Anthony. Snakebit: Confessions of a Herpetologist. Greystone Books, 2008.

herper herper herper herper herper
That's going to leave a bad taste... Natalie hooks a harmless
rubber boa.
"Professor Lou" at the
center of the universe.
I'm watching. So where are they? Rosy Boa time
herper herper herper herpers looking for z's
The 3 boys in AZ
(with dad's shadow.)
The Boa Bros... This Collared has been collared.
Hunting for salamanders
at 10,000 ft.
Brad leaves no crack unchecked.
sign herper leopard biting noose biter sign
Here's a sign I'd like to see. The last So Cal herp needed for the life list Finger lickin' good Noose Me?!!
Not today pitiful human!
Caution snakes -
human with a hook ahead.
herper herper herper herper
Jeremiah and the
Giant Gartersnake
Punk / pickeringii A handful of garters.... Terry's first wild triaspis,
but not his last....
A brush lizard on... some brush.
snake sign
herper herper snake
Two guys, a 10 minute chase through nasty cactus and barbed wire, some lost blood, and a lot of explaining to do to the local kids, but it was worth it. Get out the potato rake -
this must be a good spot.
Shining a crack in Kentucky. Mark enjoys an East Bay
pond in spring.
Sometimes you're just
a bit too late...
herper herper
Well-equipped for a Utah hunt. JP leaves no stone unturned. Jeff waits for the frogs to call. El Chad con El Diablo garter. How about a little help
lifting this log!
herper herper herper
herper herper
Jack with a big West Texas coachwhip. Not exactly the best way
to flip a board...
A great backyard back in the day... In West Texas, it's all about
the cuts.
Jeff Lemm flips some tin
herpers herper herper snakes herper
We're sorry, Dr. Phil is out today...
(herping the Chiricahuas with his boys)
His Oregon summer frog study site just happens to have a great swimming hole. Coincidence?
Chris Rombough and the old slipping on a banana peel gag photo There were 8 ring-necks under this board. Must have been a wild party.... Jeremiah beating the bushes
for gartersnakes.
herper herper herper herper herper
Stalking the elusive Cope's A newt in hand Todd looks for mountain frogs. Pat Briggs with an unusually
cooperative subject.
Horned toads in the dunes
herper herper herper snow herper herper
Another East Bay oreganus is immortalized by Mr. Lane. Ed Acuna, the Austin alterna auteur.... Jackson stalks the wild Chuckwalla. Hiking through snow to get to the high-altitude amphibians. This racer was too slow for Big J.
shooting salamanders whale tail photobomb herper herper
Brad's slender salamander
photo session
Jeremiah gets lower than a horned toad's belly to get the right shot.
Collared Lizard Photo Bomb A snake photo session Fieldnotes shoots a frog
herper claustrophobic herper herper herper posing
Jackson improvises a photo set. Caving for Salamanders in Georgia
and learning about claustrophobia....
Punk / Pituophis Buskirk Turtling Posing a snake - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
canal canal snake noosed Coast Horned Lizard
Some really big pit traps Sometimes you only get
one quick shot.
Noosed at the waist... whatever works, but watch out for those jaws!
The twins and their new friend
noosed Roadrunner with a whiptail in its bill. traps herpers herper
Catch and release.
Looks like the competition
got there first.
Checking the bucket traps
in the morning.
Herpers back in the day....
Back row left to right: Wendy McKeown, Sean McKeown, Patrick Briggs, Robert Stebbins with Ann-Rose Stebbins in front. 
A Dick Bartlett rattlesnake
photo session.
herper herper Border Patrol War Zone noosed herpers
Rock-hopping for Rattlers A leopard lizard is overshadowed What the sign should really say... Catch and release - it's fun and harmless and it's not just for fishermen. Sometimes it's like the red carpet
at the Academy Awards.
traps snake snake tonged rattler pond
Pit Trapping for tiger salamanders Board flipping can't be beat Another "Red-necked" rattler Tonging a hottie Pond Surveying
banana peel roadside rock herper snake herpers
A banana peel on a herping road at night when I'm driving makes me stop to take a look every time. According to my very careful studies of the habitat preferences described in Brian Hubbs' book "Mountain Kingsnakes", this is the perfect rock habitat to search for zonata. Maybe I better read that again.... Tim Dayton relocating a hot one This is what all that driving's about. Dick Bartlett with expert
snake wrangler
herper herper Side-blotched Lizard herpers herper
Salamander session A nice Kansas Cut Bug-eyed in Baja I wonder if a herper is taking
a picture of me, too...
herper boa Legless Lizard Anarchist Punk Herper herper
A couple of monsters Board flip Concrete Flip Ryan and friend I guess that's one way to do it...
herper Coast Mountain Kingsnake boa Pacific Gopher Snake pond
Toad Flip Sometimes this is all you get to see Small, but still giganteus Rock flip Springtime at the pond
boa snake snake boa habitat
Perfectly posing Python Kinky Big snake, but the leaches in this Ozzie rainforest were even bigger... Night cliff herping Night tree herping
boa boa boa boa boa
You can't catch them all...
boa boa boa lizard boa
Got this one
boa boa Common Chuckwalla boa boa
Crack skink Dracarys!!!
Yeah, Nah, must be out of petrol...
Baja Chuck Hurry up and shoot before it bolts Sit still and say "cheese"
boa boa boa snake sign trail sign
Ancient wall with a Wall Lizard master. This can't be good for the knees... Dang! My picture got Memed! That's why we're here... This is usually where the fun starts
Mohave Glossy Snake boa boa southern pacific rattlesnake
This gophersnake was too big for only one pair of hands... A granddaughter with the first lizard
she noosed all on her own.
Three very typical herpers

Microwave flip rattler
Zeev Nitzan Ginsburg


There's gotta be something good under all this stuff...

AC AC AC AC mountain boards
AC AC riverside boards AC cut
san diego boards san diego boards AC AC AC
AC cover AC AC san diego boards
Flat-headed Snake Habitat Speckled Kingsnake habitat Plains Threadsnake habitat Speckled Kingsnake habitat woods
Garden Slender Salamander Habitat board site road AC AC
AC full flume AC rocks Eastern Wormsnake Habitat
AC AC AC Flat-headed Snake Habitat AC

Why Did the Snake Cross the Road?

rattlesnake on road Great Basin Gopher Snake snake on road Texas Indigo Snake snake on road
rat San Diego Ring-necked Snake everglades road racer snake on road
snake on road southern pacific rattlesnake San Diego Ring-necked Snake Texas Indigo Snake snake on road
snake snake on road      
  Road Cruising  
nice road Texas Indigo Snake Habitat nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road texas cut
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road tx road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road
nice road nice road nice road nice road nice road

Sometimes all you find are tracks and signs

tracks tracks sign tracks tracks
tracks scat tracks shed pict
Klauber graffiti Stebbins graffiti sign tracks scat
burrow tracks carcass restricted access to hidden palm canyon shed
tracks graffiti skeleton tracks shed
tracks tracks tracks tracks tracks
tracks shed burrow tracks tracks
shed sign tracks tracks dor
tortoise shell chuck skull Coachella Valley Fringe-toed Lizard Sign tracks Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Sign
tracks backbone California Newt sign drift fence shed
Lizard Sign sign California Newt sign California Newt sign watch for tortoises sign
Tortoise Sign snake sign frog sign animals crossing sign gator sign

If you flip it, put it back the way you found it!!  And don't destroy the rocks!!

wrecked cover wrecked cover wrecked cover wrecked cover wrecked cover
wrecked cover wrecked cover wrecked cover wrecked cover wrecked cover
wrecked cover wrecked cover      

Short Fieldherping Videos

video video video video video
Here's a little taste of daylight roadcruising - driving, driving, driving, then finally I spotted a gopher snake on the road, through all the squashed bugs... And here's a taste of night driving.
I put the video camera on the dashboard one night while road cruising a rocky pass in San Diego County and eventually a lyre snake showed up on the road. I cut together a short video of the experience, so you can herp vicariously (minus the loud music and hours of boredom, which I left out.) It might look like I stopped in the middle of the road, but actually I drove ahead and parked safely before running back to film the snake from close up.
This video shows how to noose a lizard. Notice the lizard's defensive push-up behavior towards the noose. After a missed attempt, Stuart finally gets the noose around the lizard's neck and pulls him off the rock, being careful not to injure him. It's a colorful male Baja California Brush Lizard. After we admire him, he is put back on his boulder. How to find a Long-tailed Brush Lizard - just walk into a creosote bush and you'll see one. A Pacific gophersnake is discovered curled up under a fallen branch.
video video video video video
There's a ring-neck
under that board.
There's a CA gator under that board. A red-tailed skink is found
under a rock.
A slender salamander is
found under a rock.
A well-camouflaged Sierra Nevada Ensatina is discovered underneath a large piece of fallen bark.
video video video Desert Glossy Snake Sharp-tailed snakes
A big gopher snake is 
always fun to flip.
Sometimes you really hit the jackpot, like this board Natalie found that had 7 rubber boas and a garter snake under it. Natalie shows how to pose a snake for pictures. The snake eventually settles down, but not for long. A tiny juvenile glossy snake is discovered under a board in early spring. Sharp-tailed snakes found under trash in April in Placer County.
Variable Groundsnake California Giant Salamander Large-blotched Ensatina Southern Torrent Salamander Desert Night Lizard
A tiny juvenile Variable Ground Snake is found under a rock in Imperial County. A juvenile California Giant Salamander is found under some wood in the redwoods. A juvenile Large-blotched Ensatina is discovered under some wood in San Diego County. Southern Torrent Salamanders are found under rocks below a waterfall. A Desert Night lizards is found under a Joshua Tree branch.
Skilton's Skink Spotted Salamander      
A Skilton's Skink is found under a rock. A juvenile spotted salamander is found under a log in Virginia.      

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