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San Clemente Island


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Two species of lizards are found on San Clemente Island

(Not all of the animals shown below were found on the island, but they could be.)
Xantusia riverisana reticulata - San Clemente Nignt Lizard
San Clemente Night Lizard San Clemente Night Lizard
Adult, striped form, San Clemente Island © Bob Haase Adult, San Clemente Island
© Bob Haase
Adult, San Clemente Island
© Bob Haase
Adult, Santa Barbara Island Adult, Santa Barbara Island  
Uta stansburiana elegans - Western Side blotched Lizard
Adult male, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara County
  Adult, Santa Catalina Island
© Nathan Smith
Elgaria multicarinata webbii - San Diego Alligator Lizard
A report by Backlin, et al * states that the southern alligator lizard is not found on San Clemente Island. However there is a record of a specimen of Elgaria multicarinata in the San Diego Natural History Museum Herpetology Collection that was collected on San Clemente Island July 31st,1948 by Grant, Chapman - SDSNH Catalog # 18544.

* Backlin, Adam R., Sara L. Compton, Zsolt B. Kahancza, Robert N. Fisher U.S. Geological Survey Western Ecological Research Center.
Baseline Biodiversity Survey for Santa Catalina Island: Herpetofauna and Ants with Remarks on Small Mammals and Others. Prepared for Catalina Island Conservancy. Final Report 2005.

I don't have any pictures of San Clemente Island. If you have some that I can use - please email them to me! Thanks.

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