A Guide to the Amphibians
and Reptiles of California

California's Reptile and Amphibian Diversity

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According to my count, as of April 2024, at least 256 forms of reptiles and amphibians can be found established in the wild in California including 76 endemics (found only in California) and 26 documented established alien species. 4 Species once present are now considered extinct in the state.

"Forms" includes subspecies.
(If a species is divided into several subspecies and 3 subspecies are found in California, then that counts as 3 forms.)

(Go here to see a list of currently undescribed herps and some that could occur in California.)

Taxonomy is always changing so these totals will continually change with the discovery of new natrive or alien species and subspecies, or with the re-classification of species and subspecies. I will keep updating this list as changes happen.

Reptiles and Amphibians Currently Established in California

Separate counts already included in the main count or not relevant

Species and Subspecies

Non-native Species

(Does not include non-native species not yet documented as established.)
Total Native and Non-native Species and Subspecies Native Species Only
(not subspecies)

(Not including species now probably extinct in California.)
Endemic Forms

(Probably Extinct Forms)

(These are found on my state lists but probabaly no longer can be found in the state so they were not counted in the totals.)
Snakes 73 3 76 46 14  
Lizards 68 14 81 47 20  
Salamanders 56 1 57 48 38  
Frogs and Toads 25
5 30 24
4 (3)
4 12 8
0 (1)
230 Forms
27 Non-natives 257 Total
173 Species
76 Endemics (4) Extinct

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