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Public Online Forums for Conversations About Field Observations of Herps in California, and Around the World

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In the public forums and groups listed below, you will find herping reports and discussions about field observations and herp distribution and activity around the country, and the world, including a lot of information about California. These forums are good places to meet people, ask questions, and get information about when, where, and how to find herps. There used to be a lot more of them on the web, but Facebook and Instagram and other sites have diverted many of the conversations to their platforms.
FieldHerp Forum A very active well-populated forum dedicated to field herping and photography, started by some Northern California herpers. Field herping reports from around the country, and around the world, with lots of photographs. A good place to ask questions about herp identification. With individual North American Field Herping Association regional forums.
California Field Herping - Facebook Group Facebookers post pictures and reports of field herping in California in this public group.
Kingsnake Field Notes & Observations Forum Field reports and discussions of herp observations. This site has been around since the '90s.
Fauna Classifieds Field Collecting Forum This great salamander site has a forum about Fieldwork and Fieldherping.
Aussie Pythons & Snakes This Australian site has a forum about fieldherping in Australia.
The Reptile Report This site is mostly about captive herps but it also has a Field Herping section. This site has a field herping forum. This site has a field herping forum.
Herping the Globe Facebook Group People post pictures and reports of herping from around the world.
Field Herping North America Facebook Group People post pictures and reports of herping in North America.
Tracks and Signs of Reptiles and Amphibians Facebook Group People post pictures and reports of tracks and signs of reptiles and amphibians.
In-situ Facebook Group People post pictures they have taken of herps in situ.

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