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I enjoy reading other fieldherpers descriptions of their herping field trips and looking at the herp pictures they have taken. Most current field reports have migrated away from blogs and public forums to Facebook and other social networking services, which by their nature are not meant to be read by the public and will disappear quickly with no way to read past reports, but there still are some places that are open to the public which remain as an archive of herping trips. This is a list of links to some of those web sites and blogs.

Personal pages such as these are ephemeral - the web is littered with their broken links and pages that have not been updated in years, and frequently the information is moved to another url, so it's likely some of these will be gone soon. I have had to remove some my favorites from this list already because the pages were either moved or removed.

Also take a look at my List of Online Herping Forums where the public discusses herps and fieldherping.

iNaturalist Reptiles and Amphibians of California Records A map of herp observations in California that have been reported to iNaturalist.
California Field Herping - Facebook Group Facebookers post pictures and reports of field herping in California.
NKFherping This is one of my favorite YouTube channels. Noah K. Fields from Georgia films himself hunting for reptiles and amphibians, mostly in the Southeast, but he's also gone to other locations. You get to feel like you're out there finding herps without the expense and discomfort of going out in the field or the long periods of finding nothing. (We'd all rather be in the field, of course, but it's not always possible.)
Herpetofauna of Europe Jeroen Spreybroeck's great illustrated reports of his herping trips around Europe and the world. Adventures from the field Chris Harrison's field trips and life list.
Costa Rica Herpin' Adventures Field herping reports from Jim Kavney's guided trips to Costa Rica.
Herp Trips The herping adventures of Eitan & Ron Grunwald and friends.

Check out their great list of Fieldherping Books.
Herpsafari - Amphibians and Reptiles of Europe Dutch herper Bobby Bok's trips around Europe and the world. A few are in English.
Notes From The Field: A Journal of Amphibians and Reptiles Mike Pingleton's herping field trip notes.
Philly Herping Bernard Brown's herping reports from Pennsylvania and elsewhere.
Wild Herps John Sullivan's massive illustrated life list from many enviable herping trips around the world. These are not trip reports, but photos of herps found on the trips, many of which are also found on this web site.
Field Ventures Joshua David Holbrook's blog about his adventures with Florida herps, including links to his FieldHerpForum reports.
Jonathan Crowe * Jonathan Crowe's multi-topic blog has a section of herping reports.
Living Alongside Wildlife This isn't really reports of fieldherping, it's David Steen's blog about wildlife and natural, with lots of information about herps, including some fieldherping articles.
Buckeye Herps Jason Folt's Herping Blog. "A photographic journal of the reptiles and amphibians of Ohio, Michigan and other places interesting wildlife call home."
Herping the Globe Facebook Group Facebookers post pictures and reports of herping from around the world.
Field Herping North America Facebook Group Facebookers post pictures and reports of herping in North America.
Tracks and Signs of Reptiles and Amphibians Facebook Group People post pictures and reports of tracks and signs of reptiles and amphibians.
In-situ Facebook Group People post pictures they have taken of herps in situ.
Die Eideschsennatter Frank Buechter's German web site about Malpolon, which he calls the smartest snake in Europe, which has very interesting social behavior between males and females, also has some fieldherping trip information. If you don't know German, use Google Translator and enjoy.
Smetlogik Field Herping Videos Since 2007
Ophidiophilia Snakeymama's adventures in herpetology blog.
LouB747 YouTube Channel Videos of an airline pilot hunting for snakes around the world.
The Amphibian Avenger Frog lover Lucky Cooke's blog about her world adventures. Herps from the field, on the web, by Matt Ricklefs and Jim Scharaosch
Herping the Trans-Pecos John Hollister's pictorial tour of herping West Texas.
Bill Love's Herp Trip Photo Travelogues Accounts of memorable field trips to see and photograph reptiles & amphibians in their natural habitats.
Gert Jan Verspui - Amphibian & Reptile Adventures Lots of trip reports, mostly from Europe, some from other continents, all with outstanding photographs.

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