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Striped Snakes in California

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Not Dangerous to Humans

Most likely found during daylight in grassy areas near water, or in ponds and creeks

Striped Racers (Whipsnakes)
Not Dangerous to Humans
Patchnosed snakes
Not Dangerous to Humans
Fast-moving snakes found moving on the ground during daylight, usually in deserts or chaparral.

Rosy Boas

Not Dangerous to Humans

Slow-moving thick-bodied snake of the south coast and southern deserts.

Striped California Kingsnake

Not Dangerous to Humans

Found mainly in coastal San Diego County, but aberrant snakes from other areas may also have stripes.

Striped Gophersnake

Not Dangerous to Humans

Found in the central valley, especially in the area near Davis and Fairfield.

Sharp-tailed Snakes

Not Dangerous to Humans

Very tiny snakes found underneath objects in moist areas, especially during sunny days following rain in the winter and spring.

  © Dick Bartlett

Venomous and Potentially Dangerous!

Very rarely viewed in the ocean off of the San Diego County coast. Usuall seen on a beach.

Variable Groundsnake

Not Dangerous to Humans

Small, nocturnal, desert snake.

Legless lizard
(This is actually a lizard that looks like a snake, since it has no legs.)

Not Dangerous to Humans

Found in loamy and sandy areas, including coastal dunes, sandy washes, leaf litter, southern California gardens.

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