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Online Resources With Information About Caring for Captive Herps


observation link is about wild herps, not pet herps.

This list shows a few of the many web sites that provide information about caring for captive pet herps.
An internet search will turn up many more.

There are also many books available. A good one to start with is Patricia Bartlett's Reptiles & Amphibians for Dummies. Some general information about caring for herps. An amphibian and reptile information resource. Melissa Kaplan's excellent collection of herp and herpcare information.
The Bearded Dragon Bearded Dragon Care Guide and More A great place for information about salamanders and newts. A great place for information about frogs and toads.
Herpetoculture Forum Part of the Field Herp Forum Community.
Keeping Exotic Pets Information about caring for herps and other exotic pets. A large commercial herp resource, with many public forums covering specific interests. This is a good place to ask questions about herp care and find herps and herp supplies.
The Lizard Lounge Focusing on lizard care information.
PogoPogona Bearded Dragon care, breeding, and natural history information.
Euthanasia Euthanasia of Reptiles -
Euthanizing a Reptile - Reptiles Magazine

U.S. Post Office Information about mailing live animals, including herps.

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