A Guide to the Amphibians
and Reptiles of California

Collective Names for Amphibians and Reptiles

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An Army of Frogs
American Bullfrog Chiriacahua Leopard Frog Sierran Treefrog
California Treefrogs Canyon Treefrog Sierran Treefrog
© Adam Clause   © Debbie Frost

A Knot of Toads
california toad metamorph Red-spotted Toad Black Toads
toads california toad california toad
  © Joyce Gross

A Maelstrom of Salamanders
vs California Newts California Newts
Monterey Ensatinas Red-bellied Newts Arboreal Salamanders
© Joe Garcia © Jessica Miller  © Eric Boyer
A Lounge of Lizards
Wood Slave Round-tailed Horned Lizard Western Sagebrush Lizards
  © Guntram Deichsel  
A Den of Snakes

(Also called a Nest, a Ball, a Knot, a Slither, or a Bed of Snakes)
Red-sided Gartersnakes in Den Red-sided Gartersnakes in Den Pacific Ring-necked Snakes
Wandering Gartersnake Northern Rubber Boa Sharp-tailed Snakes
© Leslie Schreiber © Chad Lane
© Rory Doolin
  California Nightsnake  
  © Luke Talltree  
A Nest of Rattlesnakes

(Also called a Coil, a Den, or a Rhumba of Rattlesnakes)
northern pacific rattlesnake great basin rattlesnake northern pacific rattlesnake
© Lee Hecker © Tom Green © Lee Hecker
A Quiver of Cobras
Devil Woman
A Bale of Turtles
Pacific Pond Turtles Guadalupe Spiny Softshell Red-eared Sliders
A Congregation of Alligators or Crocodiles

(Also called a Float or a Nest of Alligators or Crocodiles)
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