A Guide to the Amphibians
and Reptiles of California

Links to Maps of California

observation link

A Google search for "California Maps" will find many useful maps. These are a few links to maps, including some of our own:

Map Showing California's Counties

Geology Map

Jeremiah Easter's CA Vegetation Map
- Showing natural vegetation regions, and urban, riparian, and agricultural regions

Other helpful map links and cool mapping sites:

A List of Various California Maps

California Coastal Records
Aerial photographs of the California Coastline

Windows Live Local
Create zoomable maps or satellite photos or a hybrid of both using Microsoft Virtual Earth.

Google Earth
Zoom in on your own house, or your favorite herping spot

Topo Zone
Search for topo maps of a given area
Free US Topo Maps and Places to Visit in the US, including California

GISGeography has a good collection of maps of California -
Cities and Highways
Places and Landmarks
Lakes and Rivers

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