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Lizards in Movies
The Far Side of Jericho (2006)
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The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho The Far Side of Jericho
This is a low-budget western with some good New Mexico scenery and a bunch of inexperienced actors who look right for their parts. I thought that it would be worth watching because there were three women protagonists, since there are few westerns with good roles for women, but that didn't help. It passes the Bechdel Test for the active presence of women in movies, but that doesn't mean it's any good. I also watched this because there were rattlesnakes in it, which proves that's not always the best way to choose a good movie.

The three women are married to the Thorntons, three outlaw brothers. After watching their husbands executed by hanging, the three women return home, shoot it out with the townsmen, then get on their horses and ride away. That starts the chase part of the movie, which which makes up most of the movie. Besides the posse following the women, there's also a corrupt preacher and his gang of Mexicans, a couple of Pinkerton detectives, a band of Apaches, and a fourth Thornton brother nobody knew was alive, all chasing after them to find out where the money is hidden.

The women are shot at and tortured along the way. In a really crazy twist, the women keep seeing and talking to the ghosts of their dead husbands. They also encounter a young boy on their journey holding a dead lizard on a stick. He asks them if they want some. They decline. He apologizes, saying he couldn't find a rattlesnake to eat.