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California Songs
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This is a list of songs that mention the Santa Ana winds, taken from the main list of songs that mention California.

The Santa Ana winds are strong, hot, dry winds that come down from the high deserts towards the valleys and coastal plains, exaggerated by the mountain passes. They often blow during autumn when they're infamous for fanning the flames of wildfires. They're also called "devil winds" because it feels like they're coming straight from Hell.

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Artist  (with links to comments and lyrics) Song Title  (click the link to listen to the song)
The Beach Boys Santa Ana Winds
Debby Boone California
Belinda Carlisle Summer Rain
Noah Benjamin (Panda Bear) Hang Your Head
Christopher Santa Ana Winds
Eric Church Heart of the Night
Cold War Kids Santa Ana Winds
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast (featuring Eric Michael Roy) Santa Ana Winds, Pt. 1-5
Everclear Santa Ana Wind
Ray Frushay Santa Ana Winds
Steve Goodman Santa Ana Winds
Tom Hagan Santa Ana Winds
Hanoi Rocks Center of My Universe
Sophie B. Hawkins Your Tongue Like the Sun in My Mouth
Elton John Mansfield
Will Kimbrough Star
Lana Del Rey California
Ben Lee Catch My Disease
Jason Mraz (featuring Raining Jane) Silent Love Song
Randy Newman I Love L.A.
Nine Mile Station Santa Ana Winds
Old Dominion Make it Sweet
Waylon Payne Santa Ana Winds
Rancid Brad Logan
Semisonic El Matador
She Wants Revenge Up in Flames
Sons of Bills Santa Ana Winds
Bruce Springsteen Western Stars
Steely Dan Babylon Sisters
Survivor Santa Ana Winds
Alice Wallace Santa Ana Winds
The Wedding Present Santa Ana Winds

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