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After making the California trip, or living there for a while. not everybody wants to stay. These are a few songs about leaving the state, or wanting to leave, taken from the main list of songs that mention California. I'll leave out songs about leaving L.A. (which could be a list in itself) or some other place in the state, unless it appears that the singer is leaving the whole state.

Artist  (with links to comments and lyrics) Song Title  (click the link to listen to the song)
The Babylon Bee I Wish We All Could Leave California
The Band CAMINO California (Live at El Rey Theatre)
Bee Gees Massachusetts
Cake Bound Away
Vanessa Carlton Dear California
Gregory Dwayne When You Say California
Eminem Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Beth Hart L.A. Song  (Out of This Town)
PJ Harvey and John Parish Leaving California
John Hiatt Adios to California
Jolie Holland Goodbye California
Billy Joel Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Gladys Knight & the Pips Midnight Train to Georgia
Rebecca Loebe California
Father John Misty Leaving L.A.
Madeileine Peyroux California Rain
Liz Phair California  (Also titled "Why I Left California)
Susan Raye L.A. International Airport
Billy Joe Shaver L.A. Turnaround
Shawn Smith Leaving California
X Los Angeles

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