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California Songs
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How's this for meta - these are songs that mention California songs, either in the lyrics or the title, taken from the main list of songs that mention California. Some of them mention writing a California song, and others complain that there are too many California Songs. I'd have to agree with the complaint.

Artist  (with links to comments and lyrics) Song Title  (click the link to listen to the song)
BRESCO & Caesar Calfornia Song
Damhait Doyle Another California Song
Freshman 15 Our California Song
Go Radio That California Song
Hades California Song
Ted Hawkins California Song
Hey Ocean! A Song About California
Patrick James California Song
Local H California Songs
Millington California Songs
Moron Police Another Song About California
The Mountain Goats California Song
My Chemical Romance We Don't Need Another Song About California
Panicland The California Song
Tesla California Summer Song
Jerry Jeff Walker California Song
Brooke White California Song
Yacht Rock Revue Another Song About California

Group Lists of California Songs
Beverly Hills
The Central Coast
The Hollywood Sign
Los Angeles
San Francisco
The Bay Area
Going to California
Leaving California
California Critics
California Dreaming
California Girls
Driving in California
The Santa Ana Winds
California Songs
California Sunshine
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