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Lizards in Movies
This is Not a Film (2011)
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this is not a film this is not a film this is not a film
this is not a film this is not a film this is not a film
Iranian director Jafa Panahi has made some outstanding films, some of which were seen as too critical of the Iranian government, so eventually the Iranian authorities stopped the production of one of his films and sentenced him to a 20-year ban on making films and 6 years in prison. This film shows him in his home in Tehran expecting to get thrown into prison any day. In one scene we see him walking around talking to a cameraman about how hard it is not being able to make a film, while he's doing just that, of course. (We're watching it.) The finished film was somehow smuggled out of the country and released and distributed.

Inside Panahi's home we see his daughter's pet Green Iguana named Igi roaming around freely. Panahi feeds it greens in one scene. In another, Igi crawls up to his laptop, then over Panahi who complains that his claws are too sharp. Igi, Panahi, a cameraman, and a garbage collector are the only characters we see in the entire film, but in my opinion the only one with any movie star quality is the lizard.