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Lizards in Movies
Licence to Kill (1989)
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Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Licence to Kill Licence to Kill Licence to Kill
Licence to Kill Licence to Kill Licence to Kill
Licence to Kill Licence to Kill Licence to Kill
This is the second of the two films that starred Timothy Dalton as James Bond. In this one, Bond is out for vengeance against Sanchez (Robert Davi), a Latin American drug lord who fed Bond's best friend to a shark and killed his friend's bride on their wedding night.

We know Sanchez is despicable because he has a pet Green Iguana that wears a diamond-studded collar. He carries the iguana around on his shoulder like a pirate's parrot. (This pet fetish is reminiscent of the long-running Bond villain named Blofeld and his white cat, which we often see sitting on his lap.) Sanchez' beautiful girlfriend (Talisa Soto) tellls him she doesn't like the iguana so he tells her she can go out and spend a lot of money shopping. Then he asks her to give him a little kiss, which she does. Then he asks the iguana "You want one too?" and he kisses the lizard on the lips.

At a party at the end of the movie, after Soto is free from Sanchez, she carries the iguana up to Bond and puts it on the bar. The lizard's collar now has no diamonds on it. Bond says "I thought you hated that thing." and she replies "Don't you know? Iguanas are a girl's best friend." and we see that she is wearing a diamond bracelet made from the lizard's former collar.