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Amphibians in Movies
The Tempest (2010)
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Amphibian Amphibian Amphibian
Amphibian Amphibian Amphibian

This is a fun version of one of Shakespeare's last plays, a comedy from 1611. The movie is notorious for casting a woman (Helen Mirren) as Prospero, and it works well.

They play is set on a remote island after a group of people are shipwrecked there during a storm, including Prospero, a magician. Another one of the survivors on the island is Trinculo, the King's jester who is part of the comic relief of the play.

While wandering through the woods, Trinculo (Russell Brand) falls into a small pond, scaring several frogs which jump up out of the water, but as soon as they jump they begin changing into the human form of a spirit who serves Prospero named Ariel (Ben Whishaw.) We see of the frogs on Trinculo's hands change into Ariel. Trinculo freaks out because he is one of those who have organized a coup against Prospero and he knows this is a message.