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Amphibians in Movies
The Last Wave (1977)
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Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Last Wave The Last Wave The Last Wave
The Last Wave The Last Wave The Last Wave
This is a strange and almost incomprehensible, but fascinating and very well made pre-apocalyptic mystery. It's about a tax attorney in Sydney, Australia. He's a white man who is defending five Aboriginal Australians accused of a ritual murder. He begins to have various premonitions and hallucinations and vivid dreams - the sort of mystical stuff we see in a lot Australian movies with Aboriginal people in them.

It begins with some crazy weather happenings, including hail falling in the desert, black rain made of petroleum, and torrential rain in the city. We see lots of frogs on the ground after one of the rain storms. Obviously, frogs come out of hiding when it rains, but it might be that we're supposed to believe that the frogs fell from the sky with the rain, because at the end of the movie we see a cave painting made by an ancient South American civilization that appears to show frogs raining from the sky.