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Amphibians in Movies
The Big Parade (1925)
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The Big Parade The Big Parade The Big Parade
The Big Parade The Big Parade  
This is reported to be the highest-grossing silent film of all time. In the frog scene, an American solidier during World War One (played by Hollywood supertar John Gilbert) is sitting with a French girl at a small villiage in France when he sees a frog in the water. He reaches out and grabs it. He doesn't speak French and she doesn't speak English so he holds it up and tries to explain to her that it's a frog and that she's a frog (a derogatory term for French people in those days.) She seems to understand what he's implying and makes a face, as he finds out it's not the best way to gain her affection.

Most of the film was shot in Southern California, so the frog used was probably a Baja California Treefrog, which in those days was called a Pacific Tree-toad.