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Mystery Song about California -
Identified: Homer Joy - Southern California Sand

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Thanks to Xavier and the people at Wat Zat Song? for identifying this song in September, 2021.
It's the B-side to the 1973 single "Holdin On" by Homer Joy.


This is a song that someone sent to me in June of 2016. He said he recorded it on tape decades ago. It's a country song by a male vocalist that sounds like it was recorded in the 1970s or earlier, about the flip side of the California myth sung by a man who arrived from Arkansas and wonders if he should have stayed there. The lyrics below are my transcription and might not be completely accurate.

" of blowin' sand in California
I come to watch my young ones grow
And to see all the seeds I'd sow
Turn into flowers

The children here want higher class
And the sand here won't grow grass
And now I sit here cryin' my head down in my hands

Watchin' my flowers die
Askin the good lord why
Watchin' my dreams dyin'
In the southern California sand

California sun
Lord it shines down on everyone
But me

Maybe Arkansas wasnt so bad
When I think about the times I had
Here in California

Least I had a family
Used to have a little faith in me
But now it doesn't

One by one they've gone away
My wife left yesterday
She said she's young and she's got better plans
But now when a man is poor
And a dream is all he can afford
Watches that dream dyin'
In the southern California sand

California sun
Lord it shines down on everyone
But me"

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